Lawsuit Funding for Child Molestation Cases

Lawsuit cash advance-funding

Child Molestation and Child Abuse cases are sad and painful. The damage can not be undone. Court appearances, depositions, the stories told over and over again, add to the pain and the grief.

Pre-Settlement Cash Can Come to Your Aid

While your attorney wrestles through the arduous task of getting justice for the child and the family, a pre-settlement cash advance may be helpful.

You may be forced to miss a lot of work for a period of time. Even if you can work, your performance is likely to suffer, and therefore, your income may drop. That’s where we can help.

A Lawsuit Funding Loan is Available for You and Your Case

If you’re actively involved as a plaintiff in a personal injury case (Child Abuse or /Child Molestation included), you qualify for a loan, even if you have poor credit. It only takes 30-seconds to apply for a lawsuit loan.

No Credit Check Required for a Litigation Loan

While your case is in litigation, you can now access a portion of the money you expect to win in settlement. While this money can’t make the memories, emotions, and pain go away, it can surely help to comfort you during this trying time.

We’ve been lending money to plaintiffs in all types of personal injury cases for over a decade all around the United States (See certain exceptions below).

A lawsuit cash advance is a unique type of loan. You don’t need to have good credit and you never have to pay back the money we lend you UNTIL your case settles. If your case never settles (which happens sometimes, unfortunately), you still never have to pay it back.

One more interesting point about a lawsuit loan: you can use the money for anything you want. There are no rules about how you spend the money.

We do not provide loans to residents of the following states:

AL , AK , AZ, CO. , IL. , IN ,KY, MD, MN, MO., NC, NE, NM. OK. SC. , SD, TN, VT, NV