Car Accident Lawsuit Funding

You were injured in a car accident.  You’re going to get money for your injury and maybe even lost income.  We’re here for you if you Need Cash accident lawsuit funding

At Intestate Lawsuit funding, we understand that life goes on while waiting for your case to settle.  It could be months…many months.  Meanwhile, you have life to live and bills to pay. That’s why we will send you cash in advance of your settlement.

Lawsuit funding is not a traditional loan.  You don’t need to have good credit to get a lawsuit cash advance.  You don’t need to pledge any collateral either.  We send you money strictly on the merits of your auto accident case.

Here’s something else about presettlement funding: there’s no risk to you at all.  In fact, you don’t even have to repay the money if your case doesn’t settle in your favor.  It’s true. We take the risk.

In an auto accident situation, your lawyer needs time to fight for your rights.  If you need money, the insurance company may try to settle quickly for a smaller amount of money than you deserve.  A lawsuit cash advance can give you the funds you need to hold out for the highest possible settlement.

It’s very easy to get funding for your car accident case.  Just fill out the 30-Second Application on this page.

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