Direct Lender- Not a Broker

Get the money you need now in advance of your settlement.

Interstate Lawsuit Funding is your direct source for cash…NOT a middleman. Not a

lawsuit loans

There’s no need to wait. Tap into your settlement cash now. Our loan decisions can often be made same day.

broker.  We make the final decision to loan or not to loan on your expected lawsuit settlement.  We do it fast.  We do it fairly.

Here’s how Interstate Lawsuit Funding Works:

You’re involved in a lawsuit and you already have a lawyer.  Your lawyer is confident your case will either win in court or there will be an acceptable settlement.  You contact us by phone or by filling out the simple 30 Second Lawsuit Funding Application on this page.  We will speak with you on the phone about your case and your situation so we can get an idea about how much money you would like us to loan you.  Then we’ll contact your lawyer to discuss your case.

There is no credit check for your lawsuit funding loan.

We determine the if we can loan you money and the amount based upon your needs and the merits of your case.  That’s it.  We can often make our decision the very same day and have a certified check out to you the very next day.  The application on this page is where it all begins.

You want to choose a direct lender.  You want Interstate Lawsuit Funding.

Your lawyer should fight for you so you can receive the highest reward or settlement you can get.  That takes time.  Meanwhile, you can tap into a portion, large or small, of the expected settlement and get your money immediately and with no extra fees or percentage markup from a loan broker.

When your case is final, your lawyer will collect the money and pay your loan back.  Until then, there is never any obligation on your part to pay us back.

Your presettlement cash advance (sometimes known as litigation funding) is your money to keep…even if your case loses.  Once we have taken your case and granted you a loan, you can use the money any way you wish.  It’s yours.

So choose Interstate Lawsuit Funding to tap into the cash while you wait for your case to settle.

We are a direct lender to plaintiffs seeking a lawsuit settlement funding loan in all the following United States:

Alabama – Alaska* – Arizona* – California* – Connecticut – Delaware – District Of Columbia* –Florida – Georgia –Hawaii* – Idaho* – Illinois – Indiana  – Iowa – Kentucky – Louisiana – Maine* – Massachusetts* – Michigan* – Minnesota* – Mississippi – Missouri – Montana – Nebraska – Nevada* – New Hampshire* – New Jersey* – New Mexico – New York* – North Dakota – Ohio* – Oklahoma* – Oregon* – Pennsylvania* – Rhode Island* – South Carolina – South Dakota – Tennessee – Texas* – Utah* – Vermont – Virginia* – Washington* – West Virginia – Wisconsin* – Wyoming*

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