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In Alabama, plaintiffs can borrow money against a pending lawsuit.  This is known as a lawsuit cash advance or settlement loan.

Our highly trained law professionals have years of experience in the state of Alabama, getting residents the lawsuit cash advances they need while in the beginning, middle or ending stages of settlement.    We ensure precise decision-making and a quick funding process on the best terms possible for Alabama residents.

Interstate Lawsuit Funding can provide immediate financial assistance to help ease the daunting settlement process. After all, life goes on while settlements pend.  We can help get the necessary cash to maintain everyday bills such as groceries and household expenses or bigger overheads such as rent and mortgage.

Lawsuit cash advances are considered non-recourse loans; therefore borrowers are only expected to repay the loan if the case has been won.  There is no risk to the borrower, and there is no credit check to get started.

If you are an Alabama resident with a pending settlement, cash is available for such cases: Assault, Auto Accident, Class Action, Negligence, Personal Injury, Discrimination, Harassment, Medical Malpractice, Wrongful Termination, and more (see more).

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