We are really pleased with what you all have done for him and you all worked really fast and diligently so thank you so much and yes I would  recommend others. Thank You so much. Yours truly Billy Hinton.
Mr. Cooper,
I wanted to reach out to Lisa and you to thank you for your exceptional service and professionalism. Your service was able to save my family from a hardship that impacted my family unexpectedly like most car accidents tend to happen. 
Please convey my deepest gratitude to Lisa and your office. I would be happy to complete any customer survey to make others aware of your wonderful services. -Brandi Bradley

Interstate Lawsuit Funding Company is a very reliable and dependable funding company that have consistently met my professional and financial needs on several occasions, while awaiting my pending lawsuit settlement!

In addition, I would highly-recommend the InterState Lawsuit Funding Company to anyone that are in financial need, while awaiting their pending settlement! Their  services are always fast, friendly, and professional!!
Thanks for all that you do, to bring joy to the hearts of others in a time of financial need!

This company is very transparent and was awesome to work with. Would highly recommend. Thanks David and Lisa for the rapid response and empathy. W. J. Florida

Reviews for Interstate Lawsuit Funding

Thank you Interstate Lawsuit Funding for your help. You have made a very difficult situation much easier.Sylvia S


We received the package and for the second time cant thank you enough!

In 2014 I woke up with epilepsy…like waking up with a cold. It’s so severe that I was able to waltz through SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance) on the first try without a lawyer. However, the stress recently hasn’t helped seizure numbers. I’m seeing my neurologist today and will hopefully get the brain back on the rails.

Again, thank you so much for what you do. The lawyers, judges, everyone still gets paid in these situations except the people who are getting screwed over. So many people take paltry settlements because they need the money now. It’s not right. Because of you, were able to take this to court and expose them for what they are and what they have pulled. What should have been a 30-50k settlement has turned into 150k+ due to their bad faith. Most people look at that as good, but its not worth years of your life on hold. Knowing we can do this now is the first bit of encouragement we have had in a long time. It means a lot to us.
I wish you all the best!” -Cheri G.

“I want to thank Ms.Lisa from interstate for being very helpful with getting me a loan from my settlement. I told Ms. Lisa how soon I needed the money and within 3 days to make sure I got it. She even went out of her way to call me on a Sunday and insure me that I would have the money in time. Thanks a lot and I really appreciate that.”- Christopher T.

Mr. Cooper, Good morning. This is Ms. Luana Sillah, and I wanted to inform you that my UPS delivery/check was received on yesterday. 🙂 I now have the freedom and flexibility of running my errands today.

In addition, I would like to take this opportunity, to express my deepest gratitude to you, and Mrs. Lisa Cooper for going the extra-mile, in an effort to meet my needs.
Your time, effort, and professional assistance is highly appreciated!

I’m thanking both of you from the depths of my heart, for bringing sunshine, and joy to the hearts of others! 🙂

Have a wonderful day.

Warmest regards, Ms. L. Sillah


“I must say, that Interstate Funding are truly angels within legal funding assistance. In the time of true need, they truly helped me. I appreciate the fast service, turn-around-time, efficient and superior client services. Up-front and honest, truly passionate about servicing all clients. I definitely recommend Interstate Funding Group, Lisa (A+ service) and management team with any pre-settlement funding you might need! “

Maurice-Client of Hawaii
“I am a Tennessee resident and I have a law suit, I have called several
different lending company’s but none of them deal with TN. I was
extremely lucky to find Interstate lending they are the only ones that
have helped me, I am forever grateful for their service. They are so
friendly and were very fast getting me the money I needed”. Tonya M.
“I just wanted to say a few brief words about this company, First and foremost the staff there were very polite efficient and gladly answered any questions I had..From start to finish my loan was processed approved and check in hand in about 72 hours…Thanks again “Kim” you were great”. Casey C”
“Hello Lisa,
I would like to thank you for helping me at a very low point in my life. I reached out to a lot of funding companies and no one would help me. Then my girlfriend came across Interstate Lawsuit funding and though my lawsuit was is in the early stages you managed to get me some assistance. thank god it was you that picked up the phone because you went that extra mile and for that I am grateful. I can truly say we will do business again.
“David Cooper and Lisa [of Interstate Lawsuit Funding] … I just want to take a moment and say what a wonderful job both of you did for me loaning me funds till my settlement happens. I never been in this situation before. Within 2 days of speaking to David and Lisa, my check arrived. Thank you for Great and Fast Service… I very much recommend your fine company to anyone in a jam, with Great Service and People”….. Kevin
“Mr. Cooper,
Just wanted to thank you for helping me out with the 2 loans that you provided during our darkest moments, as we waited to settle our case. 
I’m grateful that Interstate Funding was there to help us with out bills, as  the other companies blew us off. Thanks again.”  R.K. Austin, Brooklyn New York

“I was very pleased with the services i get from interstate lawsuit funding. It has been very good experience for me the help I get and they where always been attentive and respectiful. Never put me on hold or tell me to call again. I hope the best and long life for inter state lawsuit funding.”  –  Mourad, Miami, FL


“Thank you  so much Miss Lisa.  Stellar Job.”– Nancy, Utah

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