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In Arizona, plaintiffs can borrow money against a pending lawsuit.Workers comp case qualifies for a loan

Residents of Arizona who have been injured due to negligence are eligible for a lawsuit cash advance through Interstate Lawsuit Funding.  The loan professionals at Interstate Lawsuit Funding can provide a quick decision lawsuit loan on the best terms for those Arizona residents with a pending personal injury lawsuit.

Lawsuit cash advances through Interstate Lawsuit Funding are considered non-recourse loans and are only expected to be paid back if the plaintiff’s attorney has won the case.  Otherwise, there is no obligation to the borrower and no credit check to get started.  Interstate Lawsuit Funding has been working with Arizona plaintiffs for years and understands the hardships associated with going through a personal injury lawsuit.  Here at Interstate Lawsuit Funding, we know that life doesn’t stop due to a pending settlement.

If you have a pending settlement, live in Arizona, and need fast cash now, Interstate Lawsuit Funding can help provide the quick litigation funding needed to maintain a normal life while you wait for your final settlement.  Many plaintiffs don’t understand the time it can take before a settlement is reached.  The litigation process can take months, sometimes years.  Lawsuit funding can be used to pay for everyday expenses, rent, mortgage, or at your leisure. Quick funding of up to $5,000 is available to Arizona residents through a lawsuit loan cash advance with Interstate Lawsuit Funding.

Immediate cash is available for personal injury cases such as: Burn Injury, Motorcycle Accident, Harassment, Slip and Fall, and more (Types of Cases we Fund).  If you are an Arizona resident and need quick litigation funding now, start by fill out our 30-second online application.

 If you’re an Arizona resident wondering what it takes to qualify for a settlement cash advance, click here.

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