Inadequate Security Lawsuits

Lawsuit funding loans for security negligence

There are certain places, such as hotels, motels, casinos, entertainment venues, and others, where patrons have the expectation of a certain level of professional security and protection for their safety.

Personal Injury Cases Resulting From Negligent Security

Injury resulting from robbery, a physical attack, assault, or related violence, due to inadequate security, qualifies for a strong negligence lawsuit. You should seek a personal injury lawyer immediately after you have filed a police report.

Pre-Settlement Cash Advance for Your Case

If you’re involved in such a case, you may be in for a long legal process. Your attorney should fight the case in order to get you your rightful settlement. But these things take time. Now, you can access a portion of your settlement in advance with a lawsuit cash advance.

How a Lawsuit Cash Advance Works

If you’ve been injured and you have an active case with a personal injury attorney, you can get cash in advance of your settlement. There’s no credit check and no need to put up any of your personal property for collateral. We can lend you money simply on the strength of your case. Just fill out our simple 30-Second Application.

A Lawsuit Loan is Money You Can Use Any Way You Wish

After a brief conversation with your attorney, we will make our decision on a loan and the amount. You will usually get your money within 48 hours. The money is yours to keep and use for whatever you want. AND, you only pay it back when your case settles.

If Your Case Loses or Fails to Settle

We take all the risk. If your case loses or you fail to settle, you keep all the money from the loan. You are under no obligation to repay the loan unless you settle your case successfully or win in court.

We do not provide loans to residents of the following states:

AL , AK , AZ, CO. , IL. , IN ,KY, MD, MN, MO., NC, NE, NM. OK. SC. , SD, TN, VT, NV