Lawsuit Funding For Assault Cases

Assault cases qualify for lawsuit funding.

If you are a victim of assault and you are already being represented by a lawyer , we Lawsuit funding, assault casescan help you tap into the money you’re going to win before your case settles.

In the United States, there is a sexual assault committed 30 times every hour.  But there are other types of assault too:

  • Assault with a deadly weapon

  • Domestic assault

  • Assault with the intent to injure

Victims of assault may have a difficult time getting back to work because of underlying fear or injury.  If the assault occurred in the workplace, returning to work in that place may be impossible.  When an assault results in the loss and inability to return to work, the settlement can become large.  However, these cases can take a long time to finish.

That’s where Interstate Lawsuit Funding comes in.  We know life goes on while waiting for your case to settle.  While you’re not working, there are still bills to pay.  We help plaintiffs in lawsuits with a presettlement cash advance so you and your lawyer can fight for your rights and a fair settlement.

There’s no credit check, no collateral and no risk when you get lawsuit funding from Interstate.  The decision to fund you and for how much money we can send you is based entirely on the merits of your case.  You risk nothing when you choose a lawsuit loan.

When your funding is approved we send you a check.  The money is yours to keep.  It’s yours to spend as you please.  There are no rules about how you use the cash form your lawsuit loan.

The process is simple and it all starts with filling out the 30-Second Application on this page.

So, if you’ve involved in an assault case and you need money in advance of your settlement, Interstate Lawsuit Funding is standing by.

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