Lawsuit Funding For Wrongful Termination Cases

Wrongful termination cases quality for lawsuit funding.

You are out of work because you were fired for no good reason.  Wrongful Lawsuit funding,wrongful termination casetermination comes in many forms:

  • Discrimination: usually over race, religion, weight, skin color or even political opinions

  • Refusing to commit an illegal act by instruction of management

  • Whistle blowing: informing authorities of wrongdoing within a company

Chances are, if you’re involved in a wrongful termination case, you’re suffering lost wages.  That’s where we come in.

Interstate Lawsuit Funding provides a bridge, a bridge of a cash infusion so you have money to pay your bills (or to use however you want) while your case is in progress.  Some of these wrongful termination cases can take many months to settle and we know life goes on in the mean time.

The process is simple.  You fill out the 30-Second application right on this page and we will discuss your case with your lawyer.  That’s how we can determine how much money we can send you.  There’s no risk to you.  In fact, if your case never settles or if you lose in court, you keep the money.  We take all the risk.  It’s true.

We’ve helped hundreds of people in cases like yours.  If you want presettlement cash advance, you can give us a call or fill out the application right on this page.

Tap into the cash.  It’s yours! Interstate Lawsuit Funding has the cash you need while you’re waiting for your case to settle.

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