Lawsuit Funding Loans in Georgia

lawsuit settlement cash advance

If you’re injured and have a pending lawsuit and you live or work in the state of Georgia,

lawsuit loans

There’s no need to wait. Tap into your settlement cash now. Our loan decisions can often be made same day.

we can send you money in advance of your settlement.

It doesn’t matter if you’re in one of the larger cities or in a small town…it doesn’t matter of you have good credit or bad credit.

Apply For a Lawsuit Loan in the State of Georgia

Applying for a lawsuit loan in the State of Georgia, (which is also known as a pre-settlement cash advance), is very easy. It only takes 30 seconds and you can apply for a lawsuit loan right here on this page. Why is it so easy for a plaintiff to borrow money and advance of their settlement? Because there’s no credit check.

Lawsuit Funding is Unlike Other Types of Loans

Unlike other types of loans, the decision to send you a lawsuit cash advance is based upon the merits of your case, NOT on your ability to pay back or secure the loan. We take all the risk. If you don’t win your case, WE don’t get paid. You have virtually no risk.

When you fill out our lawsuit funding application, we will have a discussion with you and your attorney. We will evaluate your case. We will help you to make a good decision on how much money is practical to send you while you wait for your case to settle.

Workman’s Compensation Claims-Advance Funding

Are you involved in a workman’s comp claim in Georgia and you need cash now while you wait for your claim to settle? Call us now or fill out this simple application. We respond quickly to help you get the money you need fast.

A Pre-Settlement Cash Advance That’s Right for You.

It takes months, sometimes years for your case to settle. We will help you with cash you need while you wait. It doesn’t matter how you use the money. When we sent you a check, it’s yours to keep and to use and spend however you want.

A Direct Lender to Plaintiffs in a Personal Injury Case

As a direct lender, our rates are lower and we make our decisions to loan you money faster. We have no one to answer to,  we pay no commissions and we send your money fast.

Need money now? Call us now at 954-946-0487 or fill out our Simple 30-Second Loan Application

The great State of Georgia is currently home to a population of about 10 million people.

If you or someone you care about is involved in a lawsuit because they have been injured in some way we can probably help with some much needed cash. The following is a list of cities and suburbs in Georgia where we serve.

City                                                                                                       Population

Atlanta 420,003
Augusta-Richmond County 195,844
Columbus 189,885
Savannah 136,286
Athens-Clarke County 115,452
Sandy Springs 93,853
Macon 91,351
Roswell 88,346
Albany 77,434
Johns Creek 76,728
Warner Robins 66,588
Alpharetta 57,551
Marietta 56,579
Valdosta 54,518
Smyrna 51,271

It doesn’t matter of your city is listed here or not. We serve the entire State of Georgia.

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