Lawsuit Loans in Bridgeport Connecticut

lawsuit loans bridgeport connecticutIf you’ve been involved in a personal injury case involving the negligence of a person or business, you’re likely facing a lengthy, complex lawsuit to get the funds you deserve to cover your injuries. Plaintiffs facing these types of claims may be eligible for a lawsuit cash advance that can help them keep their head above water while proceedings are under way.

Lawsuit Cash Advance at Low Rates in Bridgeport

Residents of Bridgeport Connecticut and the surrounding suburbs and town can rely on the professionals at Interstate Lawsuit Funding to provide them with the money they need to pay for medical bills, rent and mortgage payments, and other necessities. If you’ve been injured, chances are good that you’re unable to work and may be starting to receive hefty bills to cover your medical treatments. Additionally, personal injury and other types of lawsuits also tend to get drawn out in court for months on end, and if you’re unable to work during litigation proceedings, you might not have any cash coming at all. A lawsuit loan can provide you with the cash you need to take care of your everyday expenses, while you wait for a settlement.

Quick Cash-No Credit Check Required

If you’re worried about damaging your credit or being forced into bankruptcy, a presettlement cash advance can also go a long way toward offering you some peace of mind. Interstate Lawsuit Funding offers a staff of fully trained, accredited professionals that understand Connecticut law and are able to offer top-notch service in getting you the cash advance you need as quickly as possible, without a credit check or any collateral requirements.

When you contact Interstate Lawsuit Funding, we’ll go over the details of your case with your attorney to determine if you are eligible for a lawsuit loan, and for how much. We are a direct lender, so if your loan is approved, we will send you the money you need, in as little as 24 hours after your application.

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Additionally, our settlement advance loans are non-recourse loans. That means you can feel comfortable using the money to pay for bills or cover any other daily expenses to keep your head above water. If you win or settle your case, the loan will be repaid from the proceeds of the settlement, along with a low interest rate. If you do not win or fail to settle, you will never have to pay the money back at all. Either way, a lawsuit loan won’t add any additional burden to you, since you’ll never pay anything out of pocket.

If you are a resident of Bridgeport or surrounding areas in the State of Connecticut, Interstate Lawsuit Funding offers loans for cases including animal attack, auto accident, discrimination, harassment, motorcycle accident, negligence, and much more. Contact us at 954-946-0487, or fill out our easy, 30-second application online to find out if you qualify today.

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