Lawsuit Settlement Funding – Slip and Fall in A Convenience Store

lawsuit settlement funding

Slip and falls are some of the most common personal injury cases for which we issue lawsuit cash advance loans. If you are pursuing a slip and fall case, you might find yourself in need of litigation funding in order to attempt to successfully complete your legal actions and recover the compensation to which you are entitled. We can help! We offer our clients lawsuit settlement loans at a fantastic rate, and they are easy to apply for.


Pre-Settlement Lawsuit Funding

We provide settlement advance loans to people who are involved in a slip and fall case but are still awaiting their settlement. While waiting for your case to progress to trial and be heard by a judge, you can even use the proceeds from the lawsuit settlement funding to help cover your living expenses from day to day. Our litigation loans are designed to help our clients make it through the legal process.

Cash Advance

When you are in need of a lawsuit settlement loans, don’t settle for anything less than the best lawsuit loan companies. We are happy to work with you to ensure that you receive the funds you need to make it through your slip and fall case. Unlike other pre settlement funding companies, we don’t ask for information about your credit history. Frankly, we don’t care if you have bad credit or good credit. Instead, we take the specifics of your case into consideration when making our determination to grant a lawsuit advance funding or not.

Pre-Settlement Advance Application

If you need a settlement advance, don’t drag your feet. All you have to do is click on the link that you’ll find below and fill out our application. It’s a quick process – it should only take around 30 seconds to fill everything out and submit it for approval. What do you have to lose? As one of the best lawsuit loan companies out there, applying for our litigation loans is easy and safe. We are willing and ready to help make your life a little bit easier throughout this trying time. Apply for a Lawsuit Loan / Presettlement Cash Advance, CLICK HERE.

Interstate Lawsuit Funding is a direct lender or money to plaintiffs (litigants) involved in a legal case. If you are involved in a lawsuit, and if you already have an attorney, we may be able to finance your case with a pre-settlement cash advance. This is a no-risk loan, requires no credit check and you can apply here in 30 seconds.