Legal Funding for Cases in Albuquerque, NM

Legal funding in Albuquerque, NMWe’re here to help plaintiffs with a lawsuit cash advance in Albuquerque and its suburbs.

A lawsuit cash advance could be your answer to winning the settlement you deserve.  If you live in NM and have been the victim of

  • Assault

  • Wrongful termination

  • Auto, Bicycle, or Motorcycle Accident

  • Discrimination

  • Personal Injury or any other legal case where you and your lawyer are expecting a cash settlement, you qualify for a lawsuit funding cash advance.

The insurance companies and the lawyers who represent them are in no rush to settle your case.  They know time is on their side and many people are willing to settle for less than they deserve.  But a presettlement cash advance is available right here with Interstate Lawsuit Funding.  There’s no credit check and there’s no collateral required and there’s no risk to you.

Just fill out the simple 30-Second Application on this page to get the process started.  The amount of money we can send you is determined by the merits of your case.  You have no risk, even if your case never settles.  You keep the money to use save or spend however you wish.