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Lawsuit Cash Advance-Slip and fall injuryGetting settlement loans that while you wait for your worker’s comp case to go to trial can be a harrowing affair. Some lenders have lengthy litigation funding applications they expect you to complete. Other lawsuit loan companies require that you submit to a credit check. Still other settlement lenders use loan brokers, meaning you pay more in fees. Fortunately for you, we at Interstate Lawsuit Funding have designed a lawsuit cash advance system that is easy, fast, and cheap.

We Help Provide Pre-Settlement Loans North Carolina

We provide lawsuit settlement funding to people who need it. We know that waiting for trial in North Carolina can take quite some time. During that time, you need money on which to live. This is where settlement advance loans can be very helpful to you.

What’s more, we have designed an application process that is fast. In fact, you can apply for lawsuit advance funding and less than a minute using our application process.

Our Loan Application Takes Under One Minute to Complete

We aim to help you get the litigation loan you need with as little time and hassle on your part as possible. Our settlement cash advance application is designed to be completed in around 30 seconds. This helps save you time, and lets you get the money you need quickly.

Credit Checks Are Not Necessary

Even better, we never run a credit check. We realize that if you are waiting for your North Carolina worker’s comp case to go to trial, chances are you don’t have much money anyway. And, because we take our repayment out of your lawsuit proceeds, we don’t really care about your credit anyways.

North Carolina Direct Lender

We don’t use a broker. By lending to REC lead to you, we cut out the fees associated with brokers, and get you your lawsuit cash advance with more money in your pocket.

Call us now or Apply for a Lawsuit Loan by filling out our simple 30-Second Application.

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