Jul 152017

About Legal Settlement Loans

Most people have never heard of settlement loans, simply because they have never been in an accident or involved in a lawsuit.  These loans are offered based on the merits of your case and amount of your possible settlement of your lawsuit.  You may even be able to get your money in just a few days.

This is why you need to contact us right away.

Interstate Lawsuit Funding specializes in settlement loans to help our customers get the money they need now

Not everyone can afford to wait for a cash settlement to be decided.  There are always bills to pay and food to purchase.  It can seem like there is no one to help you.

Not true!  We are here to help.  It is easy to see if you qualify for a settlement loan with us.  Not only do we keep it simple, but we don’t ask what you want the money for.  You can use it for whatever you want.  Take a vacation.  Get caught up with bills.  Buy a car.  Save it.  Seriously – whatever you want to do with it is your business, it’s your money.

Can You Get a Lawsuit Cash Advance?

Want to find out if you can get a lawsuit cash advance? It’s simple.

We will need to speak with your lawyer and see information from your lawsuit. That’s all we need to decide how much of a loan we can offer you.  We don’t look at your credit score – ever.  You pay us back when your settlement arrives – it really is that easy.  Think about how much stress you can relieve if you don’t have to worry about money anymore.

Finding out if we can help you is so easy.  All you need to do is fill out the quick application form CLICK HERE – it takes about 30 seconds

We’ll take a look at your case and give you an answer quickly.  We understand that you need the money or you wouldn’t have reached out to us, so we don’t drag our feet.  Our services are offered in most states.

Once you have your loan, you don’t have to worry about paying us back until you get the settlement from your lawsuit.

There are no monthly payments and there is no penalty if you decide to repay your loan earlier than planned.  Our pre-settlement loans are designed to help you and be simple to use.  Fill out our application form CLICK HERE or give us a call today to see how we can help you!


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