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Sep 292014

Motorcycle Accident Advanced Lawsuit Loan

As a motorcyclist, you have very little protection compared to a car, and many other drivers do not see you on the road until it is too late.  Because of this, many motorcyclists are injured or killed in accidents due to a driver not noticing the motorcyclist.  While riders have helmets to wear, riders are often left with broken limbs and brain damage.

Motorcycle accident lawsuits can take very long. Don’t wait around for your money. Get it now.

On September 5, 2014, in Sioux Falls, SD, a man riding on his motorcycle was hit by a school bus and was pronounced dead at the scene.  His wife, who was riding on the back of the bike, has sustained serious and life threatening injuries.  The school bus was turning left into a park, into the motorcycle’s lane on the road.   The school bus driver may not have seen the motorcycle, depending on the weather or time of day, or simply made a mistake by trying to beat the motorcycle.  motorcycle

If you or a loved one was injured or killed in a motorcycle accident, you may be eligible for compensation. If you have a lawyer for your case, you may even be able to receive your compensation now instead of waiting months or even years to receive your money.  Interstate Lawsuit Funding is an advanced lawsuit lending firm.  We are a direct lender, so there is no third party involved.  We do not run credit checks or ask for employment history. We do require you to have a lawyer for your case.  Fill out our 30 second application today to see if you are eligible.  It’s your money, don’t sit around waiting for your case to get your cash.

Sep 232014

Advanced Lawsuit Loan For Wrongful Death

Driving a tractor trailer is a very important job, but also takes great experience to be able to properly handle them.  There are many laws and regulations that truck drivers have to obey, like hours they can drive per day and needing certifications to drive a truck of a certain weight.  It takes a lot of experience and knowledge of how to control the trucks to keep everyone on the road safe.

Was your loved one killed wrongfully? Was it due to some kind of negligence? If you have a lawyer for your case, you may be able to receive your compensation sooner than later

In Santa Cruz, CA, in the beginning of September 2014, Daniel McGuire was on his way to work when he was wrongfully killed by a truck in an accident.  The truck had two trailers filled with dirt and other construction supplies when it lost control, barreling through 10 cars and killing McGuire.  The family is claiming that the trucking company was negligent by allowing the truck driver to drive a very heavy double trailer on one of the busiest highways in California when he was licensed for only three months.  The brakes on both trailers failed, which may warrant an inspection. practice-wrongful-death

If your loved one is wrongfully killed, you will want to hire a qualified attorney immediately.  you may have bills beginning to pile up, a loss of income due to them not working, and even things like funeral costs.  Interstate Lawsuit Funding may be able to help you.  We are a direct lawsuit lending firm.  We do not run credit checks or look at your employment history.  As long as you have a lawyer for your case, we may be able to help.  Contact us today for a free consultation.  Don’t sit around waiting for your case to settle, get your money today.


Sep 162014

Slip and Fall Accident Advanced Loan

It is just a typical day where you are out food shopping.  You turn down an aisle, and all of a sudden you slip on a clear liquid spilled on the floor, injuring yourself.  Slip and fall injuries are very common, and people can be left with severe injuries, often to their hips or shoulders and arms as they try to break the fall.

This is what happened to a woman down in Louisiana, who was food shopping at her local Winn Dixie Food Mart.  She stated that store employees did not clean up the spillage or have any warnings about it.  In a slip and fall case, it is vital to get all the information you can right away, such as contact information of eye witnesses and a store manager, and pictures of the evidence.

If you are involved in a slip and fall accident, it is important to get all the information you can from the scene.  Once you have an attorney, they will use all the information you have gathered as well as their own, so they can get you the compensation you deserve.  You may be injured or  unable to work and just sitting at home waiting for the case to finish up so you can pay some of your bills.  At Interstate Lawsuit Funding, we will help you so you do not have to wait for months or even years.  We are a direct lender with very reasonable interest rates.  We also do not run credit checks or check your employment history.  The main requirement is that you already have a lawyer working on your case. Don’t wait around any longer, it’s your money.  Fill out our 30 second application today to see if you qualify.

Sep 022014

Advanced Lawsuit Loan For Brain Injury

Brain injuries are one of the most mysterious injuries a person can sustain.  A strike to the head can cause internal bleeding and concussions, but it is the long term effects that many doctors do not know much about; some people suffer more than others, to different degrees, and some recover much quicker, if at all.  Depending on the severity, people can suffer from concussion symptoms such as fatigue, anxiety, and vertigo, while more severe injuries can lead to permanent brain damage or death.

Brain Injuries Are Serious and Often Permanent. Get Legal Help, Then Get Your Advanced Loan Today.HeadInjuryJoncandy

In the middle of August of 2012, an incoming freshman girl identified as M.U. was playing in a preseason high school soccer game at her school, Downingtown High School East, just outside of Philadelphia.  After the collision, the coach had put her back in the game, a practice that is routine among many sports of all levels.  Coach Reed got himself into legal trouble as athletes who display concussion like symptoms are required to be taken out of the game.  M.U. and her parents are suing as well, as she is still suffering from effects of the accident, and has been unable to attend school.

Are you struggling to get by financially? Today may be your lucky day.

After an attorney takes your case, sometimes it takes months or even years to receive the compensation.  If you are unable to work and therefore are not providing an income, this can be a major issue.  You may need to support your family or start paying your medical bills.  This is where we can help.

Interstate Lawsuit Funding is an advanced lawsuit lending firm.  We do not run a credit check, or even check your employment history.  The main requirement is that you have an attorney.  Fill out our 30 second application today for a free consultation to see if you are eligible for an advanced loan.  We have very competitive interest rates as well.  It’s your money, you should have it now. Don’t wait any longer.

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