Sep 232014

Advanced Lawsuit Loan For Wrongful Death

Driving a tractor trailer is a very important job, but also takes great experience to be able to properly handle them.  There are many laws and regulations that truck drivers have to obey, like hours they can drive per day and needing certifications to drive a truck of a certain weight.  It takes a lot of experience and knowledge of how to control the trucks to keep everyone on the road safe.

Was your loved one killed wrongfully? Was it due to some kind of negligence? If you have a lawyer for your case, you may be able to receive your compensation sooner than later

In Santa Cruz, CA, in the beginning of September 2014, Daniel McGuire was on his way to work when he was wrongfully killed by a truck in an accident.  The truck had two trailers filled with dirt and other construction supplies when it lost control, barreling through 10 cars and killing McGuire.  The family is claiming that the trucking company was negligent by allowing the truck driver to drive a very heavy double trailer on one of the busiest highways in California when he was licensed for only three months.  The brakes on both trailers failed, which may warrant an inspection. practice-wrongful-death

If your loved one is wrongfully killed, you will want to hire a qualified attorney immediately.  you may have bills beginning to pile up, a loss of income due to them not working, and even things like funeral costs.  Interstate Lawsuit Funding may be able to help you.  We are a direct lawsuit lending firm.  We do not run credit checks or look at your employment history.  As long as you have a lawyer for your case, we may be able to help.  Contact us today for a free consultation.  Don’t sit around waiting for your case to settle, get your money today.


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