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How Does a Lawsuit Loan Work?

Who qualifies for a Lawsuit Funding Loan?

This kind of loan is eligible to anyone who has a lawyer and is pursuing a case that is going to produce a cash reward. The settlement process takes several months, during this time, the plaintiff needs cash.

Which types of law cases that can be funded?

The kinds of cases includes property liability, personal injury lawsuit loans, cases based on employment, medical malpractice, negligence, and the list is endless depending on the credibility of winning a cash award or settlement.

How does lawsuit funding work?

You do not need physical collateral, assets or good credit. In fact, there’s no credit check required. There are also no monthly payments. The criteria all depends on if your attorney feels your case will eventually lead to a cash settlement in court, you most likely qualify for a lawsuit cash advance

Lawsuit loans, lawsuit funding, litigation funding, lawsuit cash advance…these are the commonly used terms to describe our business.

In instances where the plaintiff suffers personal injury and is unable to work or make enough money to meet life’s daily needs, a financial lawsuit fund comes in handy. Giving a plaintiff cash advance in hope for a successful cash court settlement is referred to as lawsuit fund.

A presettlement cash advance can be used for whatever you want. You can use the loan for anything you want. It can be for a vacation, a new TV, a kitchen set…it doesn’t matter.  The money is yours to keep and use for anything you wish.

So this means that there is no risk to borrowers. The money only gets paid back when the case is settled. The amount of money loaned depends on various factors, like the merit of the case and a lot of other considerations from your lawyer. is a direct lender site that doesn’t sell their services via sales people or brokers so that they can give the best rates to their plaintiffs. Whenever there’s a sales representative or a broker as a middleman, there’s a higher cost incurred so as to pay commission to the broker. The decisions of whether to fund a plaintiff via this site are made in-house meaning that the decision is made faster compared to other firms.

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