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Continue reading to learn more about some of the games insurance companies use that could ultimately cost you money.

When you’ve been in an accident, remember that the insurance company is a business who’s trying to make money, and therefore means they’re generally trying to figure out a way to screw you and pay you as little as possible. Whether you were in a car accident, a trip and fall, or another type of personal injury, any delay in settling your case could benefit the insurance company, not you.

  1. Not Calling Within a Week of Your Accident or Avoiding Your Call

If you don’t hear from the insurance adjuster within one week of the accident, it could mean that the company is understaffed, ignoring your claim, or that the other party wasn’t insured after all. In the event a week passes without hearing from an insurance adjuster, or if they won’t call you back, the insurance company may be engaging in unfair claims settlement practices.

  1. They Avoid Putting Anything in Writing & Don’t Want to Revel Policy Limits

When working with an insurance adjuster, you should demand that they give you with a letter identifying themselves and their company. Their letter should provide coverage for the wrongdoer on the day of the accident.

Also important , any settlement offers regarding your case should be in writing.
Verbal settlement offers are easily forgotten by the adjuster.

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