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May 262014

Lawsuit Funding Gives You Almost Instant Access to Cash

Lawsuit funding gives you access to cash while you wait for your existing lawsuit to settle.

lawsuit loans

With a lawsuit loan, you get guaranteed cash fast.

Lets say you have been injured while shopping in a store, perhaps you slipped on a wet floor or a display cut you or fell on top of you and you required medical attention.

Or perhaps you have fallen down due to someone who has left equipment, tools, a hose or some other obstruction in a walkway and you broke your wrist or suffered a concussion.

Maybe you have been bitten by a dog or harassed at work by your employer…this is also a form of injury and these are all reasons why you may have had reason to reach out to a lawyer to get justly compensated for your injuries and your costs.

These are cases where we can help you if you need to access some of the cash you expect to ultimately collect in your settlement.

Some call it Lawsuit Funding. Some call it Litigation Funding.  Some call it a Lawsuit Cash Advance or Settlement Cash Advance.  There are any number of terms to call it or describe it but in any case, it’s your easy way to get your hands on money if you need it now.

When you contact us at Interstate Lawsuit Funding, you’re taping the source for case.  We are a direct lender, not a middleman.  We require no credit check.  The money we give you is really an advance on the money you expect to get when your case is finished.

Use the money any way you wish.  It’s yours!  Whether you need it for food, rent, a car payment or your mortgage, OR if you just want to take a vacation, fix the house or buy a new TV, it doesn’t matter.  There are no rules and you don’t even have to pay us back if your case fails to win or settle.  We take all the risk.

Take 1/2 minute and fill out our simple 30-Second Application.  Find out how much money we can send you.  Applications are answered within 1 business day and most applications are answered within minutes.

May 192014

Victim in Negligent Driving Case- Get Cash Now in Advance of Settlement

This is a case of negligent driver as the the cause of a car accident.

If You Have a Case as a Result of an Automobile Accident You

Car accident near JFK Airport

Distracted driving causes accidents. If you’ve been hurt as a result, you have a case and can qualify for a cash advance loan on your settlement.

Can Get a No-Risk Cash Advance Loan with No Credit Check

Here is an interesting case of a car accident on the way to JFK Airport in New York

Famous Astrophysicist Being Sued For Negligence

Host of the famous show “Cosmos” Neil deGrasse Tyson, will be in court facing negligence charges stemming from an automobile accident that he was involved in. According to reports, Tyson is being sued for 5 million dollars by a New York City man. He claims Tyson collided into him while traveling near the John F. Kennedy International Airport on the Van Wyck Expressway.

Tyson who claimed to have simply zoned out during the accident, also collided with another car before slamming into the plaintiff’s Mercedes causing the damage which sparked the lawsuit. Tyson who doesn’t deny the charges, said he wasn’t paying attention in the moment’s right before the accident.

The civil trial is expected to begin soon and will be held at the New York Supreme Court. No details on just how this trial may play out.

What to do if YOU are a victim of a negligent driver?

If you find yourself dealing with a case similar to the one above, the first thing you should do is call 911. Calling the police to the scene is the law in many states and this will allow you to have a detailed report of the accident. Also ask for medical attention, even if you don’t feel like you are hurt. Often times, shock will prevent you from feeling pain.

Get a Lawyer to Represent You. 

After the accident make sure to follow through and file a lawsuit. Even if you feel better the next day, your injuries may take weeks and sometimes even months to show up. Don’t get stuck with expensive medical bills and loss of pay. Filing a law suit and help protect yourself from any further damage caused by negligence.

Tap Into a Piece of Your Settlement Cash Now

If you have a case but you want to tap into some of that cash now, Interstate Law Suit Funding can help you get it. It doesn’t matter if you need it to buy food or medicine or to treat yourself to a much-needed vacation or a new bedroom set.  When we lend you money, it’s yours to keep and use any way you wish.

There’s no credit check. We loan you the money based upon the merit of your case.

If you have been injured and you have a solid case, Interstate Law Suit Funding can give you lawsuit advance loans because we know life goes on while waiting for your case to settle.  Click here to fill out our simple 30-Second Application.

Contact us today and get the money you need. Visit our website at for details.


Have you already been awarded a settlement but need the cash now? Call 954-946-0487 or go online today and find out about our settlement advance services.

May 092014

Slip and Fall Injuries in Augusta GA. Qualifies for Lawsuit Funding Loans

In Augusta, Georgia hundreds of slip and fall accidents send residents of the Garden City to the emergency room each year. These all too common accidents are often times due to negligence and can be prevented. Sadly, many sustain life long injuries and are faced with months of therapy and in severe cases even multiple surgeries.lawsuit funding in Augusta GA

What are the causes of most slip and fall accidents?

The causes of slip and fall accidents vary and often times happen while people are out shopping. Grocery stores are notorious for being the cause of these types of accidents. Liquid spilled down the grocery aisle that are left unattended can be slippery and lead to serious injury. Another grocery store hazard is falling merchandise. Careless employee’s often stock heavy products on the top shelf causing it to fall and strike people in the head and send them to the ground.

 Slip and Fall and Trip and Fall Injuries Both Qualify for Cash Advance Loans

The parking lot is another place that slip and fall accidents commonly take place. A wet parking lot that hasn’t been properly marked with caution signs can cause people to slip and fall, ending up face down on the hard asphalt. Sidewalks are another hard surface that causes injuries. Thoughtless building and business owners often overlook uneven sidewalks that could cause people to trip resulting in broken bones and lacerations.

In 2014, ice storms plagued Georgia and were responsible for slip and fall injuries state wide.

What to do if a slip and fall accident happens to you

If you have been the unlucky victim of a slip and fall accident, the first thing you should do is call for help. Don’t try to get up on your own because you can further injure yourself. Once help has arrived and you have received treatment for your injury, make sure to report your injury to the manager.If you are able to take a picture of the area that caused your accident, it is important to save it for future reference.

 We Can Help You if You Already Have a Lawyer for Personal Injury Case.

The next step that is very important is to call a lawyer to discuss your case. Don’t wait around to do this because time is a factor when it comes to slip and fall cases. An attorney that specializes in personal injury is probably the best kind of lawyer to represent you.

Don’t give up on your case due to lack of money

Often times, people end up settling because they’re running out of money. This doesn’t have to happen. If you are faced with this situation, there is a company that can lend you the money you need. Interstate Lawsuit Funding is a lending company that specializes in lawsuit advance loans and litigation funding.  There’s no risk to you and no credit check required.

Our company has a great track record for offering low-cost loans, helping people get through the legal process. Loans with interest rates as low as 1.5% can help you tap into the cash you need now. Life goes on while you wait for your case to settle.  Let Interstate Lawsuit Funding help you with a quick cash infusion

The process is simple.  It starts with our simple 30-Second Online Application or you can give us a call at 954-946-0467.

May 082014

Dog Attack Case in New Jersey

Dog Attack case in Ocean County New Jersey Qualify for Litigation Funding

Dog bites are the most commonly reported kind of animal attack.  In Barnegat Township,

New jersey dog bite case

If you have been injured by an animal bite or have any other type of personal injury case and you want to tap into your cash now, Click Here to fill out our simple 30-second application

New Jersey a police officer was charged with aggravated assault after allowing his police dog to bite a woman during an arrest.  While the officer attempted to pull over the female driver, she continued driving until finally stopping at the Barnegat Township Municipal Complex where she was taken into custody.  It was there that the police officer allowed his dog to attack the woman without reason, later falsifying the police report to cover up what actually happened.

Dog Bites or Other Animal Attack Cases Qualify for Lawsuit Cash Advance

If you live in the state of New Jersey, have been involved in a dog attack, dog bite, or any other kind of animal attack, and have a pending personal injury case, you could qualify for pre-settlement funding through a lawsuit lender.  Lawsuit lenders are able to provide non-recourse loans to plaintiffs in need of litigation funding prior to their final settlement.  With an attorney building a solid personal injury case, the lawsuit lender can evaluate the merit of your case and approve you for a lawsuit loan cash advance.

 Personal Injury By Dog Bite

According to the American Human Association, nearly 4.7 million dog bites occur throughout the United States each year and approximately 800,000 injuries require medical attention.  All dog owners have a responsibility to look after their dogs and ensure the safety of other people and animals around them.  Acting negligently or carelessly can result in the injury of another person or animal and sometimes lead to fatal results including wrongful death.  As a dog owner, here are some things to consider:


Spray or neuter your dog: Neutered dogs are less aggressive.


Train your dog: A basic means of training is essential for any dog.  Just as important is teaching your dog to socialize with a diverse mixture of people, other dogs and animals.


Supervise your dog: Unsupervised dogs often feel defensive, leading them to attack easily.

If you are a resident of New Jersey searching for a lawsuit lender to provide pre-settlement funding, you should consider Interstate Lawsuit funding for your litigation funding needs.   Intestate Lawsuit Funding is a notable lawsuit lender and a leader in lawsuit funding.  The loan professionals at Interstate Lawsuit Funding provide personalized pre-settlement funding and immediate decision lawsuit loans for pending personal injury cases.  All New Jersey residents are eligible for litigation funding and the application process is fast, approval time is quick, and cash of up to $5,000 is available immediately.





May 062014

Injured in a Bus Accident

Bus Accidents Can Be Serious And Life Threatening

Although buses are some of the largest vehicles on the road, they can still be involved in an

lawsuit funding loans

Injured in bus accident and need cash now? We provide cash fast. No credit check required. Click here now to apply for your settlement cash advance. It takes only 30 seconds.

accident resulting in injury. Riding a bus is considered a safer mode of transportation, but every year there are reports of injury and even death to those riding in a bus.

City bus lines carry millions of people to their destinations every year and account for the largest mode of public transportation. With this large number of buses on the road, accidents involving them are likely to happen.

 Insurance Should Cover Your Injury Claims

No matter the cause of the accident, bus lines should have adequate insurance to cover personal injury claims for any and every injury which may possibly occur in a bus or other public transportation accident.

What are some of the common causes of bus accidents?

One of the most common causes of bus accidents is fatigue. Bus drivers often work long hours and get little rest and this can result in a serious accident. If the driver is too sleepy or tired, they may not have the reaction time needed to avoid an accident.

Finding Fault is Your Lawyer’s Job

Another very common cause of crashes involving buses is caused by a poorly maintained bus. Drivers who get behind the wheel of a bus that hasn’t been routinely inspected and repaired may get into a wreck. Failure to maintain the braking system of a bus or keeping the tires properly inflated can cause the bus to overturn and injure the passengers inside.  The maker of bus parts and the company who does the mechanical repairs could also be named in a potential lawsuit.

What to do if you are involved in a bus accident

 After receiving treatment for your injuries, you should seek professional advice about your case. Remember, time is running out the minute the accident occurs. If you wait too long to document your injuries you may not be entitled to a settlement.

Find a personal injury attorney that has worked on other traffic related cases. These lawyers have the know-how to get you the money you deserve. Don’t wait until it’s too late and make that call as soon as possible.

Been hurt in a bus accident and need help with funding?

When you have been hurt it’s your right to seek legal advice. But often times, we are left out of work and without income because of the accident. This can be a real problem, but there is a company that can help. Interstate Lawsuit Funding is here when you need us.

 Apply for a Settlement Cash Advance-Tap Into the Cash You Need Now

If you have been hurt by a negligent bus company, take action today so that you can have the money to fight your case tomorrow. If you have a case, we can get you the money you need fast. We specialize in lawsuit advance loans and litigation funding of all types. Contact us today 954-946-0487 or fill out our simple 30 Second Application.  There’s no risk and no credit check required to a funding for your personal injury or wrongful death claim.

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