Lawsuit Funding for Animal Attack

Interstate Lawsuit Funding will give you money in advance of your settlement if you are in an Animal Attack lawsuit.Lawsuit funding,animal attack case

Dog bites are the most common animal attack lawsuit where we support plaintiffs but there are many other animal attack cases which come across our desk.

For example, a 8-year old Atlanta, GA girl was bitten by a dolphin when feeding the animal fish at Sea World in Orlando, FL.

A 2 year old boy fell over a 4′ tall wall in  Pittsburgh zoo and was mauled to death by a pair of wild African dogs.

A large increase in exotic pets has increased bite injuries from many other animals aside from dogs.

So if you are in a lawsuit due to an animal attack, we want you to know Interstate Lawsuit Funding is here.  We give have a presettlement cash advance program which gives you money before your case settles.  Here’s how it works:

Lets say your lawyer says you have a good case and the person or the business who is at fault for your injury is covered  by insurance.  Even in a good case, the insurance companies aren’t going to make it easy and just hand money over to you.  They’re usually going to drag the case on for months, perhaps even years.  This is a tactic the insurance companies use to get you to take a lower settlement.  They know victims get weary and even the lawyers who fight for you to too.

At Interstate Lawsuit Funding, we know how frustrating that can be.  We also know that if you get weary from the fight, you may give up and settle for less than your case deserves.

If you’re involved in a dog attack or other animal attack lawsuit, (among many other kinds of cases we fund), you probably qualify for lawsuit funding.

There’s no credit check.  There’s no risk to you at all.  We can send you money strictly on the merits of your case.  You simply fill out the 30-Second Application on the right hand side of this page to start the process.

When we give you cash in advance of your settlement, it’s yours to keep and use however you wish.  There are no rules on how you will use the money or why you need it.  If your claim never settles or you lose your case, you don’t even have to pay us back.  In a way, lawsuit funding is like an insurance policy which makes a win a certainty.

These are the states where we fund lawsuits:

Alabama – Alaska – Arizona – California

Connecticut – Delaware – District Of Columbia –Florida

Georgia – Hawaii – Idaho – Illinois

Indiana  – Iowa – Kentucky – Louisiana

Maine – Massachusetts – Michigan – Minnesota

Mississippi – Missouri – Montana – Nebraska

Nevada – New Hampshire – New Jersey – New Mexico

New York – North Carolina – North Dakota – Ohio

Oklahoma – Oregon – Pennsylvania – Rhode Island

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