May 082014

Dog Attack Case in New Jersey

Dog Attack case in Ocean County New Jersey Qualify for Litigation Funding

Dog bites are the most commonly reported kind of animal attack.  In Barnegat Township,

New jersey dog bite case

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New Jersey a police officer was charged with aggravated assault after allowing his police dog to bite a woman during an arrest.  While the officer attempted to pull over the female driver, she continued driving until finally stopping at the Barnegat Township Municipal Complex where she was taken into custody.  It was there that the police officer allowed his dog to attack the woman without reason, later falsifying the police report to cover up what actually happened.

Dog Bites or Other Animal Attack Cases Qualify for Lawsuit Cash Advance

If you live in the state of New Jersey, have been involved in a dog attack, dog bite, or any other kind of animal attack, and have a pending personal injury case, you could qualify for pre-settlement funding through a lawsuit lender.  Lawsuit lenders are able to provide non-recourse loans to plaintiffs in need of litigation funding prior to their final settlement.  With an attorney building a solid personal injury case, the lawsuit lender can evaluate the merit of your case and approve you for a lawsuit loan cash advance.

 Personal Injury By Dog Bite

According to the American Human Association, nearly 4.7 million dog bites occur throughout the United States each year and approximately 800,000 injuries require medical attention.  All dog owners have a responsibility to look after their dogs and ensure the safety of other people and animals around them.  Acting negligently or carelessly can result in the injury of another person or animal and sometimes lead to fatal results including wrongful death.  As a dog owner, here are some things to consider:


Spray or neuter your dog: Neutered dogs are less aggressive.


Train your dog: A basic means of training is essential for any dog.  Just as important is teaching your dog to socialize with a diverse mixture of people, other dogs and animals.


Supervise your dog: Unsupervised dogs often feel defensive, leading them to attack easily.

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