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Feb 282015

Direct Lender for Lawsuit Funding

Lawsuit funding lenders sometimes use brokers to help them get new clients and sell loans. This is a normal process in the lending business. However, it is typically cheaper to buy your loan from a direct lender (cheaper, meaning you get better interest rates).

Get the Best Service and the Best Rates with a Direct Lender for a Lawsuit Cash Advance Loan

Whenever there is a salesman, a sales representative or broker involved there is usually a higher cost in order to pay the commission of that sales representative or broker.

Interstate Lawsuit Funding is a direct lender. We do not go through brokers or sales representatives so you get the best rates we have available. Not only do we offer great rates on our lawsuit funding loans but we also make decisions in-house which means we make decisions quicker than most other firms.

If you need money now, before you get your settlement, contact Interstate Lawsuit Funding. Visit our website and fill out our simple 30 second application. We’ll contact you immediately to talk about your case we do not require any credit check or collateral for our lawsuit cash advance loans.

We typically land $500 to $5,000. You can use your loan money for whatever you wish. If you need to pay bills,  buy food, pay your rent or your car payment, or even if you just want to buy a new TV, some furniture or take a much-needed vacation, lawsuit funding money is yours to keep.

As a direct lender, you can count on receiving your lawsuit cash advance fast. You can have your money within 48 to 72 hours. At Interstate Lawsuit Funding we know life goes on while you’re waiting for your settlement.

Feb 272015

No-Risk Lawsuit Funding Loans

People often ask “What is it that we mean when we say or loans are no risk loans?”

We lend money as a lawsuit cash advance based upon the merits of your case.

when you visit our website, you fill out a simple 30 second application or just give us a call.

We’ll discuss your case with you and then we’ll discuss your case with your lawyer. Your lawyer accepted your case because he or she feels strongly you will win.

No Credit Check-No Collateral Required

If WE feel confident that your case is going to win we will lend you money as a cash advance against your future settlement. We don’t run a credit check and we don’t require collateral. That’s a no-risk loan. We give you the money and you can use it any way you wish. We only get paid back if you win your case or a settlement.  We take all the risk. Simple as that.

Interstate Lawsuit Funding is a direct lender. All the decisions are made quickly and we do it right here in our office. You can have money in just a couple of days because we know life goes on while you wait for your case to settle.

Feb 232015

Do You Qualify for a Lawsuit Funding Loan?

Lawsuit funding is for anyone who has a lawyer and is actively pursuing a case which is going to eventually produce a cash reward.  The settlement process often takes several months or sometimes even years. During that time, the plaintiff may need cash.

Cash Advance for Lawsuits is Available to a Plaintiff with a Good Case

Lawsuit funding loans are granted based upon the merits of the case. There’s no collateral required…not even a credit check.  It’s really a very simple process. Far simpler than any typical loan.

You have a conversation with the lender over the phone about your case and your situation. Tell your lender how much money you want and how much money you expect to win in your case.  The lender then has a conversation with your lawyer.  If all parties feel this is a good relationship you can get you the money you request in 24-48 hours.

The money you get in a lawsuit cash advance is yours to keep and to use any way you wish.

To Find Out if You Qualify for a Loan, Just Ask

Most personal injury cases qualify for presettlement lawsuit cash loans. Besides personal injuries, there are matters like discrimination, workplace abuse, prescription drug suits, malpractice cases, medical device failures, civil rights violations, defamation and others.

It’s easy to qualify. There are no fees and no need for you to even take the time to appear in our office. All the questions and answers can be takes care of over the phone, fax or email. If you’re not sure if your case is qualified for a cash advance loan, just call or inquire online.

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