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Jul 292014

Advanced Loan For Drunk Driving Accident Victims

Advanced Loan For You Or Your Loved One Being Victimized In A Drunk Driving Accident

Drunk driving accidents in the United States are on the rise and accounts for many fatal accidents each year. You don’t have to be drunk to cause an accident while drinking and driving; buzzed driving is just as dangerous and is very common.

In the city of Indianapolis, IN alone, over 28 people were killed in 2010 by drunk driving accidents. This epidemic continues to rise and every city in the United States is reporting record numbers of deaths and millions of dollars in property damage each year. Sadly, these deaths could have been avoided all together. The senseless crime of driving under the influence does not have to happen.  It is an entirely preventable mistake.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) reported that in 2012 at least 10,323 people have been killed in the United States due to someone getting behind the wheel while drinking. That number does not even come close to the amount of people that are injured every year.  As many as 350,000 people are injured to some degree in a drunk driving accident.  This number is a terrifying statistic and it shows just how rampant this problem has become.

Nothing can be more devastating than you or your loved one being seriously injured or killed by a drunk driver. Medical bills can pile up, the cost of fighting a lawsuit can be staggering, and you may not have income due to being out of work.

Sometimes it takes a weeks, even years, to receive your settlement from the insurance company.

If you are caught in a bind and need money now, call Interstate Lawsuit Funding today.  We are a direct lender for advanced lawsuit loans.  If you and your lawyer have a case, we will be able to provide you with your money in advance for a very reasonable interest rate.  You will be able to pay off necessary bills, and cover any other expenses you may have.  We do not run your credit or check employment history; as long as you have a case, you can get your cash now.  Fill out our 30 second online application for more information.

Jul 222014

Advanced Loan For Slip and Fall Accident

A slip and fall accident can happen anywhere at anytime.  They can happen in parking lots, supermarkets, retail stores, or sidewalks.  Outside, they often occur during the winter time

trip and fall

A trip-and-fall could happen as a result of a walkway in disrepair. The owner can be held responsible for your injuries and you could qualify for cash in advance of your settlement.

with ice on the ground, or uneven pavement.  Inside, this often happens when something spills on the floor or a leaky refrigeration unit and an employee has not cleaned it up yet.

Injured in a Slip and Fall Case and Need a Cash Advance?

If you are faced with an injury due to a fall inside a retail establishment, shouldn’t be stuck with high medical bills and lost wages. The store is insured and it’s their responsibility to compensate you, if you are injured due to their negligence.  First get a lawyer, then get a lawsuit funding cash advance to carry you while you wait for your case to settle.

What to do in Case You’re Injured in a Slip & Fall

The first thing that must be done is to get some medical help if you need it. Identify any witnesses.  Have a cell phone?  Take some pictures of the area to document the reason you fell.

After that you should protect yourself and contact the management and explain to them that you were injured in their store. This is a great way to get the attention of the store owner. Once you have let the company know what happened, it’s time to seek further protection by contacting a personal injury attorney. Doing so is the first step in getting the financial compensation you deserve for your pain, your medical expenses and any other losses you may incur due to the injury.

Do you need a loan to cover expenses? A Slip and Fall Lawsuit Could Qualify You for Legal Funding

If you are victim of a slip and fall accident, it is important to gather as much evidence as you can.  Take pictures of the scene and get the contact information of witnesses.  You may not realize you are injured until later that day or even after a couple days.  But medical bills can be expensive, especially if you injure your back, or hurt a part of your body you may need surgery on.  Retail companies in particular always take these cases to court to prove their innocence.  They are very time consuming, so you may not receive your settlement promptly.

Interstate Lawsuit Funding can help you.  We offer direct advance lawsuit loans, so there is no third party.  We do not run your credit or check employment history.  All you need is a lawyer and to have a case. We will get you the cash you need now so you can pay off your expenses as you await your court case.

Jul 152014

Cash Advance for Workman’s Comp Case in Tennessee

When it comes to workers compensation, it sometimes is tough to finally get your money to

Workmans comp loansTennessee

Get cash now in advance of your settlement. Click here to fill out our 30 Second Application

cover for lost income due to being injured on the job or becoming ill to where you cannot work.  This can be due to a court date being weeks away, paperwork not being filed quickly, or even fraud on the employers part.

The Department of Labor and Workforce Development in Tennessee is beginning to crack down on employer fraud.  Employers will classify employees as independent contractors, or not report all wages paid out.  By doing this, companies are avoiding having to pay for workers compensation and unemployment insurance tax premiums.  Not only is this illegal, but it is unethical.  Especially if the company has a lot of employees working high risk jobs, if an employee is injured while working, they deserve to earn workers comp to help cover their medical expenses, and give them sustainable income until they can return to work.

Your workers comp lawyer will fight for you against the insurance companies to get your compensation.  While waiting for your settlement to complete, everything in life still goes on.  You may be struggling to come up with the money for bills, taxes, and other expenses.  We at Interstate Lawsuit Funding can help you get cash you need right now.  As a direct lender with reasonable interest rates, we will get you the lawsuit advance loans you need to carry on.  If you have a good case, we can help you out.  Call us today or complete our 30 second online application.

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