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How To Know if You Qualify for Lawsuit Settlement Funding

How to Qualify for Lawsuit Settlement Funding

Each year, thousands of people file lawsuits for personal injuries, wrongful death and

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If you have a strong case and expect a significant settlement, you probably quality for a pre-settlement cash advance.

more. The victims of such incidents are sometimes eligible for compensation. The amount of compensation that they receive for their lawsuits can vary depending on the level of neglect and the amount of damages to the victim’s person and property. The negative side of personal injury litigation is the waiting period. Some offenders settle out of court to avoid media coverage, and other offenders stretch the suit out for years hoping that they will never have to make payment. Sometimes, the judge will award the victim a settlement, but he or she will have to wait for months or years before a check comes. In the meantime, the victim has to worry about paying the bills and surviving. Lawsuit settlement funding can help to carry a person through until the check hits the mail.

What Is Lawsuit Funding?

Lawsuit funding, also known as litigation funding, is third-party funding from a generous lender that wants to see the victim survive. Anyone who is in the middle of a case can quality for such funding. The applicant does not have to have good credit, collateral or special assets. The person only has to have a legitimate personal injury case that seems promising. The lender can supply loans based on the projected settlement for a personal injury, medical malpractice or employment law case.

How to Get a Litigation Cash Advance

Getting a litigation cash advance requires that the victim have a discussion with a loan specialist. The loan specialist will gather some information about the nature of the case and the amount that the attorney expects to get. If the loan seems promising, the lender will forward the funds so that the borrower can live his or her life without stressing over money. The borrower will have to sign a contract for the loan, but the lender will cut a check shortly thereafter.

Eligible Loan Amounts

A borrower can receive a loan amount of up to $25,000 in most cases. Sometimes, the lender will approve a loan of more than $25,000. The best part about lawsuit funding is that the borrower does not have to repay the loan if the lawyer does not win the case. No application fees or installment payments apply. The borrower repays the advance only if the case goes his or her way. An interested person can call 954-946-0487 to find out more about litigation funding.

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