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Faulty Construction Lawsuits are One Type of Lawsuit we Can Help With

When you need to hire a contractor to work in your home, you ask friends and family for recommendations and then check references.  Even with all of this effort, it is still possible to hire a contractor that takes your money and either doesn’t finish the job or doesn’t do it correctly.  If this happens to you and you find yourself in the middle of a lawsuit, you may need funds to have the work redone or to fight to get your money back.

That’s where Interstate Lawsuit Funding comes in.

Interstate Lawsuit Funding can help you if a contractor did a bad job or left your home renovations unfinished.

We offer loans against the settlement you are expecting so you can finish or fix the construction in your home.  You simply cannot wait until you get your settlement to finish the job as you need your home to be livable and safe for your family.

If you are interested in lawsuit funding, you can call our office for more information or check our website at your convenience.  We offer a quick and easy online application that you can fill out online and, since we make all of our decisions right in our office, you will receive your answer quickly.

You don’t even have to worry about repaying the loan each month as we don’t expect repayment until you receive your settlement.

If, for some reason, you do not receive your settlement, you will owe us nothing.  Yes – you read that right.  If you don’t get your settlement, we don’t get paid.

Don’t worry about your credit as we never check credit scores.  Our decision is based solely on your lawsuit, so bad credit is no problem for us.  If you are approved, your money will be deposited within a few days so you can get busy repairing your home or finding another contractor.

There is absolutely no risk to you.  If you win, we win.  Our rates are among the lowest you will find and our application is very simple to fill out.  We strive to make this process as easy for you as possible.  We understand that the last thing you need is more stress on top of your lawsuit.  Let us help you through this difficult time.

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