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Considering Lawsuit Funding? Learn About the Benefits of this Type of Loan

This article will shed some light on how and why lawsuit funding loans can benefit plaintiffs who are waiting for their legal case to come to a conclusion.

Lawsuit Funding Loans Bridge the Gap While Your Attorney Fights the Insurance Company Lawyers

Insurance companies hire top lawyers to fight against you, the plaintiff because they are not really in the business to pay out money to you. The lawyers for the insurance companies are hired to preserve their big fat bank balances, and try like heck not to pay you.

Lawsuits can take months or years to settle or to finally get their date in court. Meanwhile, you, the plaintiff is often left in dire straits, unable to pay your bills…unable to survive.

Plaintiffs come to us for money to help them get through the tough times.

For example, a plaintiff may have a case seeking $50,000 in damages.  We can loan him or her a substantial amount of money without any credit check or collateral. You would pay us back only if you settle your case.    Learn more about how lawsuit funding works.

A $5,000 cash advance by my company could help you with rent, and food for several months.  Food and shelter aside, the lawsuit funding cash advance loan does something else which is very powerful: it allows the lawyer for you the plaintiff’s to stand strong against the negotiations of the defendant.  Defendants’ lawyers try to break down the plaintiff’s will to fight the case, thus creating the willingness to accept a lesser settlement.

Insurance lawyers know that you the plaintiff will run out of money and become desperate and settle for less.

Lawsuit financing is secured only by the final outcome of a case or a settlement. If you don’t win a settlement, you do not pay us back.

We provide cash to people in a lawsuit who need money now while they buy time to let their attorney fight for their just settlement.

If you are in a case and you need money now while you wait for your case to conclude, fill out our simple 30-second application. There’s no credit check and no risk. Find out how much money we can send you.

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