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Lawsuit Settlement Loan for Those Who Need Cash Now

interstate lawsuit fundingA lawsuit settlement loan is simply a way for people who have been injured in accidents and filed lawsuits for compensation to get an advance on the settlement they are expecting.  While many people might say they would never take out this type of loan, it can be a lifesaver to others.

Why should you apply for a lawsuit settlement loan?

If you are injured in an accident, who knows how long you may be unable to work?  Do you have enough cash saved to carry you through several months of waiting for your lawsuit to be settled?  Your monthly bills won’t go away just because you don’t have the funds to pay them.

This is where a lawsuit settlement loan can be a great help.  You can get your money right away and not have to wait.  You never even have to make monthly payments on the loan – repayment is made when you finally get your settlement cash.

If you need help, call us today! All load decisions are made right here in our office. We are a direct lender. No middleman. No lengthy decision process. No red tape.

We specialize in lawsuit settlement loans and are eager to help you relieve your financial burdens.

We offer our service in most areas of the country. The application process is simple.  All we need is information about your lawsuit and expected settlement amount.  The best part is, we make all of our decisions right here so you don’t have to wait while your application is shuffled from place to place.

We never do credit checks and the money we loan you is yours to spend how you want.

We won’t ask.  Pay bills, save it, have a party – whatever you want to do with the money is your business, not ours. Our concern is getting the money you need and want to you as soon as possible.  Fill out the application form CLICK HERE – it only takes a few seconds – and let us help you.

One of our customer service specialists will contact you as soon as possible to discuss your needs and how we might be able to help you. Remember, we aren’t worried about your credit report and we don’t expect you to repay the loan until you get your settlement from the lawsuit.  Even if your injuries haven’t prevented you from working, wouldn’t it be nice to have your money?

Why wait for what is yours?  Contact us today and get your money in your pocket where it belongs.  Plan a trip to relax or just be happy knowing that if something does come up, you have the cash to take care of it.  Pick up the phone or fill out the application form CLICK HERE and find out how we can help you get your money fast.

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