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Aug 262014

Advanced Lawsuit Loan for Trucking Accident

Trucking accidents are often more severe than regular car accidents.  They weigh an incredible amount, and can injure people in multiple cars.  Truck drivers are also required to follow specific laws, particularly about how many hours in a day they are allowed to drive.  By driving longer than the set amount of hours, they put their own life, and the lives of many others in danger.

In Indiana, a truck driver on Interstate 55 was involved in an accident, where he collided with multiple cars.  Francisco Espinal was found to be driving for about 12 hours.  Truck drivers are legally allowed to drive for 11 hours at the max per day, and a 14 hour work limit per day.  Due to his negligence, he contributed to the accident, injuring many people.  Espinal also attempted to forge the safety regulations by claiming he was not driving past the limit, when records show he was.

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If you or a loved one is injured or killed in an auto accident involving a truck, you need to get legal help today.  Your attorney will help you deal wight he insurance companies properly, as insurance companies covering trucks may work differently than traditional auto insurance.  While the investigation takes place, you may be in dire need of cash.  Medical bills may be piling up, among other expenses needed to survive.  If you are out of work due tot he injury, this becomes a major issue.  Interstate Lawsuit Funding is a direct lender for advanced lawsuit loans.  We have competitive interest rates, and do not do credit checks.  Filling out the application takes about 30 seconds.  Complete it to see if you are eligible for an advanced lawsuit loan today.


Aug 202014

Bicycle Accident Advanced Lawsuit Loan

Bicycle riding is a leisure activity people of all ages do, whether it is around the neighborhood for fun or if they are training for a race.  But they are also victim to many accidents with cars, usually due to the negligence of either the rider or the car driver.  Many people driving cars will cause an accident with a bicyclist by just not seeing the rider.

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In Nantucket, Massachusetts, Elzem Emin was riding his bicycle down the road, but on the shoulder and following the laws of the road.  He was struck by someone driving their car who was drunk.  The driver was swerving, and hit Emin, knocking him off his bike.  Serious injuries usually occur with bicycle accidents, especially head injuries.  Luckily for Emin, he was treated with minor injuries and released from the hospital.

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If you or a loved one was involved in a bicycle accident, it is vital to get legal help quickly.  Your lawyer will investigate the accident scene, gather evidence, and deal with the insurance companies.  This process may take more than just a couple weeks, and you may be strapped for cash.  You or your loved one may be out of work and have medical expenses to take care of.  If you and your attorney have a case, we may be able to help you.  Interstate Lawsuit Funding provides advanced lawsuit loans.  With low interest rates, no credit check, and no middle man, we can directly provide you with the cash you need.  Fill out our 30 second application today to see if you are eligible.

Aug 122014

Advanced Lawsuit Loan For Medical Malpractice

Every year thousands of medical malpractice suits are filed due to negligence. The settlements of medical malpractice cases is sometimes very high, as some acts have lead to permanent injuries or death. In 2012 alone, more than 3 billion dollars was paid out to victims of these lawsuits. The Journal of the American Medical Association reports medical malpractice as the third leading cause of death in the United States.

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After a claim has been filed for a medical accident due to negligence, many times the insurance company will urge you to settle out of court.  Insurance companies do not have your best interest in mind.  They know medical bills can become extremely expensive, but by you settling quickly, they will not have to pay out nearly as much.  Before you sign or agree to anything with insurance companies, it is best to seek an attorney’s advice.

Don’t handle these cases on your own. Hire an attorney, and get the cash you need now rather than waiting for the case to settle.

Bills will begin to pile up for hospital stays, doctors appointments, prescriptions, and therapy.  Also, if the victim is out of work longer than expected due to their injury or illness, the household income decreases.  This can greatly affect a family trying to support themselves.  Luckily, if you and your lawyer have a case, Interstate Lawsuit Funding can be a savior to you.

Interstate Lawsuit Funding is a direct lending group.  We have low interest rates, do not run credit checks, or look at your employment history.  The only requirement is that you already have a lawyer for your case.  We will be able to provide you with cash now as you await the case to finish in court.  You can use the money to pay for any expenses you may have while your lawyers fight the case.  Fill out our 30 second application or call us today for more information.

Aug 082014

Advanced Lawsuit Loan for Assault and Battery

Assault and Battery can happen between anybody and at any time, whether in public or behind closed doors.  In private, like at home in a domestic situation, a lot of times reports and charges are not filed.  This kind of violence can lead to many medical bills, and leave a person unable to work for a period of time.  The following situation is one where charges were filed by the victim, and the guilty person was arrested.

Bryan Dow was arrested in Greenwood, SC, for assault and battery, along with kidnapping.  The 9-1-1 call and charges were filed by his girlfriend.  The couple was in an altercation where she had her hair violently pulled, was punched, and bitten.  She also stated he pulled a knife on her, threatening to kill her.  He put her in his pickup and drove outside of town.  Eventually she was able to call for help.

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Assault and battery incidents like this are very common all over. They are unfortunately a daily occurrence and some times, they even make the news.  Many people are in abusive relationships and do not do anything about it.  Luckily this woman had the courage to call for help and press charges against him.  Assault and Battery can be extremely dangerous and leave people with severe injuries.

Assault and Battery cases may take some time to resolve.  Do you have bills piling up due to your situation?  Get your cash now.

If you or a love one is a victim of a preventable and unnecessary violent act, or a domestic violence victim, it is vital to alert authorities, and then contact an attorney.  Once you have a lawyer, don’t wait to get your money, especially if you have medical expenses or are out of work.   We are an advanced lawsuit loan lender.  With fair interest rates and no credit checks, the only requirement is that you have a lawyer.  Call us today or fill out our 30 second application to receive more information and see if you can get your advanced cash today.


Aug 052014

Wrongful Workplace Termination

The town of Exeter, New Hampshire, lost its fight in a court battle involving a former employee who was terminated back in 2011. The case was overseen by a federal judge who awarded the plaintiff $69,500 for damages and lost wages.

The case was brought to trial after the employee filed suit claiming that she reported a sexual assault by a co-worker but her superiors did nothing about it. Instead, the plaintiff stated that she was persecuted for reporting the assault. Later she was reprimanded and eventually fired on no grounds.  The town manager has refused to comment on the case and no further information has been released.

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If you have reported an abuse or harassment at work, and have been bullied or fired from work as a result, you must protect your rights. Being fired for reasons like this is against the law and you may be entitled to an award. If you find yourself out of work because of wrongful termination, you should seek legal help immediately.

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Discriminatory cases like this can take a long time in court.  There will be many witnesses that have to be interviewed, evidence to be studied, and maybe even observing the work place.  But if you are out of work, you will need an income to provide for yourself and your family.  Settlements can take a long time to receive, but if you and your lawyer have a case, Interstate Lawsuit Funding can help.

Interstate Lawsuit Funding is an advanced lawsuit loan lender.  Our loans come from us, and go directly to you; there is no third party involved.  As long as you have a lawyer and a case, we may be able to help get you your cash now to pay for any expenses and to cover for lost income.  We do not run credit checks or look at your employment history.  Our interest rates are very fair as well.  So give us a call or complete our 30 second online application today to receive more information on how you can get your cash now and not wait any longer.

Aug 012014

Advanced Lawsuit Loan for Nursing Home Neglect

Nursing Home Neglect and Abuse Can Happen Anywhere To Anyone

No matter what city or country you live in, thousands of people are abused, assaulted, or neglected in nursing homes right in your backyard every year. While many more of these cases have been brought up to authorities, there are still thousands more that go unreported.  This sad fact is all too common and can result in serious injury and even death.

Every year, cases of nursing home abuse and neglect are being reported at an alarming rate. Many of these nursing homes are focusing too much on profits rather than giving exceptional care to the elderly.  This leads to many homes being understaffed, which contributes to the lack of care patients receive.

If you suspect that your loved one is being abused or neglected in a nursing home, it is important to hire an attorney who is an expert in this field. They will conduct a proper investigation to determine if they can find evidence for your case.  Nursing homes may give excuses or try to cover up inappropriate staff behavior; hire an attorney that can get to the bottom of what really happened. This is very important and may be the difference between winning and losing your case.

You may need to pay for medical bills, medication, and therapy for your elderly loved one.  Get an advanced lawsuit loan now.

If you and your lawyer are fighting a case of nursing home abuse in any form for your loved one, these cases may take a while, as there is a lot of evidence that needs to be studied, and nursing home staff to talk to.  You may have put them in a new nursing home, or have them in your own home for the time being, but need money to care for them.  If you are in need of cash now to help cover expenses or provide for your elderly family member, call Interstate Lawsuit Funding today.  We are a direct lender for advanced lawsuit loans.  While your lawyer is fighting your case, we can provide you with the cash you need right now. No credit checks or reports of employment history are required.  Fill out our 30 second application today for more information.  Don’t let the bills pile up or not provide quality care for your elderly family member.

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