Aug 202014

Bicycle Accident Advanced Lawsuit Loan

Bicycle riding is a leisure activity people of all ages do, whether it is around the neighborhood for fun or if they are training for a race.  But they are also victim to many accidents with cars, usually due to the negligence of either the rider or the car driver.  Many people driving cars will cause an accident with a bicyclist by just not seeing the rider.

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In Nantucket, Massachusetts, Elzem Emin was riding his bicycle down the road, but on the shoulder and following the laws of the road.  He was struck by someone driving their car who was drunk.  The driver was swerving, and hit Emin, knocking him off his bike.  Serious injuries usually occur with bicycle accidents, especially head injuries.  Luckily for Emin, he was treated with minor injuries and released from the hospital.

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If you or a loved one was involved in a bicycle accident, it is vital to get legal help quickly.  Your lawyer will investigate the accident scene, gather evidence, and deal with the insurance companies.  This process may take more than just a couple weeks, and you may be strapped for cash.  You or your loved one may be out of work and have medical expenses to take care of.  If you and your attorney have a case, we may be able to help you.  Interstate Lawsuit Funding provides advanced lawsuit loans.  With low interest rates, no credit check, and no middle man, we can directly provide you with the cash you need.  Fill out our 30 second application today to see if you are eligible.

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