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Can I get a Cash Advance from a Pending Lawsuit?

Anyone who has been hurt in an accident may have grounds for a lawsuit.  The problem is, insurance companies do not want to pay you for your pain or loss of wages and hope that if they put off settling, you will get tired of fighting and drop the case.  When you need a cash advance on your lawsuit, we are here to help.

A Direct Lender Can Give a Cash Cash Advance for a Pending Lawsuit

As a direct lawsuit funding lender, we answer to no one. The decisions are made here, in-house. This means we can lend you money when others can’t. It means we can make decisions faster than other firms. It means we become intimate with your lawsuit and your needs for a loan while your case is litigated.

You can use your lawsuit cash advance in any way you choose.  Pay for an attorney for your lawsuit or take a vacation to relieve the stress from the accident.  It only takes 30 seconds to fill out our online application and you will get an answer right away.  All decisions about our lawsuit cash advances are made right in our office so you won’t have to wait long.

When you get a cash advance based on your lawsuit from us, we guarantee that if you do not win your suit, then you do not have to repay the cash advance. You will have the funds you need quickly and we offer some of the best rates in the industry.  We also don’t check your credit score – good or bad credit does not affect our decision on your lawsuit cash advance request.

Our company understands the pain and stress you are dealing with after an accident.  If you cannot work, the bills are piling up and medical bills keep coming.  It can seem like you have no options and nowhere to turn for help.  Interstate Lawsuit Funding was started to help people just like you get the lawsuit cash advances they need to hire lawyers to file the lawsuit or to pay your bills while you wait for your suit to be settled.

Remember, we offer a quick online application and a fast response.  Once we review your request, you may have your money in as little as a few days.  You won’t have to worry about making payments to us because we don’t get paid if you do not win your lawsuit.  Even then, our repayment comes from your settlement and you will never have to send us a payment.

When you feel as if you don’t know where to get the money you desperately need, request a lawsuit cash advance from us and begin to live your life again.

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