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Advanced Loan For Assault and Battery

Assault and Battery can put someone in an extremely dangerous and terrifying situation.  Situations can also have a weapon involved, potentially causing a death or serious injury.  Cases are often stemmed from disagreements between people or are domestic cases, and are usually due to someone losing their temper and not controlling their anger.  It is something that puts themselves, the victim, and others nearby in great danger.

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In Beaufort, South Carolina, a man was charged with assault and batteryBlog_Images_AssaultBattery with a weapon due to an argument between him and another man.  During the argument, Matthew Horne pointed his gun at the victim, and then pistol whipped him.  Because it happened outside in the morning, a passerby reported it, sending the local schools on lockdown.  The schools were clear shortly after police determined Horne was not an active shooter, and he later turned himself in.

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