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Dec 302016

Lawsuit Funding for Car Accident Victims

Insurance companies purposely make lawsuits difficult in the hopes that you will give up and accept whatever amount of money they offer the first time. They save money and close cases quickly. They know that getting an attorney is expensive and few people have the funds to do it. If you have been in a car accident, you may need cash to live on until the insurance company finally settles.

That’s where lawsuit funding comes in.

Lawsuit cash advances are loans given based on your lawsuit and Interstate Lawsuit Funding can help you quickly get the money you desperately need.

Simply go to our website and fill out the short application. Since we make all of our decisions in our office, you will have an answer within a few days.
Once you fill out the application, you need to let your attorney know that you are applying for lawsuit funding. If you don’t contact him/her, the process may be held up a few days while we wait for your permission to talk to the attorney. The quicker you talk to your lawyer, the faster you will get your money.

Your attorney will have to fill out a short form and then we can send you the money. This money is yours to do whatever you want with. We will never ask where the money went. Use it for medical bills or for a vacation to recover. It is truly your money.
We do not check your credit or worry about collateral. Our decision is based completely on your lawsuit. Another great thing is that our lawsuit cash advances are completely risk free to you. We give you the money you need to recover from your car accident and take care of your family and if you don’t win your settlement, you don’t have to repay the loan. It is that simple.

You need cash to live on until your car accident lawsuit is settled and Interstate Lawsuit Funding can get you that cash. Contact us today for more information!

Dec 152016

Looking for the Best Rates for Lawsuit Funding?

We all need the best deal on everything we need. It only makes sense that if you are thinking about a lawsuit cash advance, you would want the best rate on your loan.

The first and only place you will need to check is Interstate Lawsuit Funding.

Interstate Lawsuit Funding can offer you the best deal for several reasons.

• We are a direct lender, which means we make all of the decisions right here. We don’t have any middle men that need to be paid so we can pass that savings on to our customers.
• Since we decide about your loan in our office, you can have an answer quickly, in as little as a few days.
• We offer our services in every part of the country so you won’t have to go far to get the help you need from us.
• Our customer service representatives are waiting to answer any questions you may have about lawsuit funding.
• Our lawsuit cash advances can be given for almost any type of lawsuit, including car or public transportation accidents, bicycle accidents, medical malpractice, animal bites, nursing home neglect and many others. The best way to know if your lawsuit is one that might qualify is to call us today.
• You can have the money you need in just a few days.
• You do not have to repay the cash advance if you do not win your settlement.
• We never check your credit scores. We base our decision only on your lawsuit.

Besides having the best rates for lawsuit funding, we have the best customer service representatives.

Of course, we are in business to make money, but our true mission is to help people who desperately need cash and can’t wait for their lawsuits to settle.
You need to recover from your injuries without the added stress of financial worries. With our help, you will be able to focus entirely on healing and not on how to pay your bills each month.

Dec 092016

I was Burned in an Accident – Can I get Lawsuit Funding?

Yes, if you have filed a lawsuit because you were burned in an accident, you may be able to get lawsuit funding from Interstate Lawsuit Funding.  After you have filed the necessary paperwork for your burn lawsuit, you can contact us for help in requesting lawsuit funding from our company.

Any burn can be a serious health problem.  If you have been burned, you may not be able to work and it can take months for you to recover from your injury.  Serious burns require reconstructive surgery and even physical therapy before you are fully healed.  This means months of being off work and months of bills piling up on you.

Unless you have a family member who can help you financially, or a large savings account, you may be in serious trouble quickly.

Few people have enough cash saved for emergencies.  At the same time, you need to pay for your surgeries and therapy.  This is where we can help you.

We have a very quick online application for you to fill out with just basic information.  It will take you less than a minute to do and then one of our decision makers will contact you within one business day.  We’ll get more information from you and give you an answer fast on whether you qualify for a lawsuit cash advance and how much you may be able to get.

This isn’t like a traditional loan.  We don’t ask about your assets or what your credit score is.  Our decision is only based on your lawsuit and how much of a settlement you are expecting.  You won’t have to make any payments on your advance and if you don’t get your settlement, you keep the cash advance.  That’s right – there is absolutely no risk to you!

Contact Interstate Lawsuit Funding today to see how we can help you get a cash advance for your difficult time.

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