Aug 052014

Wrongful Workplace Termination

The town of Exeter, New Hampshire, lost its fight in a court battle involving a former employee who was terminated back in 2011. The case was overseen by a federal judge who awarded the plaintiff $69,500 for damages and lost wages.

The case was brought to trial after the employee filed suit claiming that she reported a sexual assault by a co-worker but her superiors did nothing about it. Instead, the plaintiff stated that she was persecuted for reporting the assault. Later she was reprimanded and eventually fired on no grounds.  The town manager has refused to comment on the case and no further information has been released.

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If you have reported an abuse or harassment at work, and have been bullied or fired from work as a result, you must protect your rights. Being fired for reasons like this is against the law and you may be entitled to an award. If you find yourself out of work because of wrongful termination, you should seek legal help immediately.

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