Aug 082014

Advanced Lawsuit Loan for Assault and Battery

Assault and Battery can happen between anybody and at any time, whether in public or behind closed doors.  In private, like at home in a domestic situation, a lot of times reports and charges are not filed.  This kind of violence can lead to many medical bills, and leave a person unable to work for a period of time.  The following situation is one where charges were filed by the victim, and the guilty person was arrested.

Bryan Dow was arrested in Greenwood, SC, for assault and battery, along with kidnapping.  The 9-1-1 call and charges were filed by his girlfriend.  The couple was in an altercation where she had her hair violently pulled, was punched, and bitten.  She also stated he pulled a knife on her, threatening to kill her.  He put her in his pickup and drove outside of town.  Eventually she was able to call for help.

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Assault and battery incidents like this are very common all over. They are unfortunately a daily occurrence and some times, they even make the news.  Many people are in abusive relationships and do not do anything about it.  Luckily this woman had the courage to call for help and press charges against him.  Assault and Battery can be extremely dangerous and leave people with severe injuries.

Assault and Battery cases may take some time to resolve.  Do you have bills piling up due to your situation?  Get your cash now.

If you or a love one is a victim of a preventable and unnecessary violent act, or a domestic violence victim, it is vital to alert authorities, and then contact an attorney.  Once you have a lawyer, don’t wait to get your money, especially if you have medical expenses or are out of work.   We are an advanced lawsuit loan lender.  With fair interest rates and no credit checks, the only requirement is that you have a lawyer.  Call us today or fill out our 30 second application to receive more information and see if you can get your advanced cash today.


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