Feb 232015

Do You Qualify for a Lawsuit Funding Loan?

Lawsuit funding is for anyone who has a lawyer and is actively pursuing a case which is going to eventually produce a cash reward.  The settlement process often takes several months or sometimes even years. During that time, the plaintiff may need cash.

Cash Advance for Lawsuits is Available to a Plaintiff with a Good Case

Lawsuit funding loans are granted based upon the merits of the case. There’s no collateral required…not even a credit check.  It’s really a very simple process. Far simpler than any typical loan.

You have a conversation with the lender over the phone about your case and your situation. Tell your lender how much money you want and how much money you expect to win in your case.  The lender then has a conversation with your lawyer.  If all parties feel this is a good relationship you can get you the money you request in 24-48 hours.

The money you get in a lawsuit cash advance is yours to keep and to use any way you wish.

To Find Out if You Qualify for a Loan, Just Ask

Most personal injury cases qualify for presettlement lawsuit cash loans. Besides personal injuries, there are matters like discrimination, workplace abuse, prescription drug suits, malpractice cases, medical device failures, civil rights violations, defamation and others.

It’s easy to qualify. There are no fees and no need for you to even take the time to appear in our office. All the questions and answers can be takes care of over the phone, fax or email. If you’re not sure if your case is qualified for a cash advance loan, just call or inquire online.

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