May 262014

Lawsuit Funding Gives You Almost Instant Access to Cash

Lawsuit funding gives you access to cash while you wait for your existing lawsuit to settle.

lawsuit loans

With a lawsuit loan, you get guaranteed cash fast.

Lets say you have been injured while shopping in a store, perhaps you slipped on a wet floor or a display cut you or fell on top of you and you required medical attention.

Or perhaps you have fallen down due to someone who has left equipment, tools, a hose or some other obstruction in a walkway and you broke your wrist or suffered a concussion.

Maybe you have been bitten by a dog or harassed at work by your employer…this is also a form of injury and these are all reasons why you may have had reason to reach out to a lawyer to get justly compensated for your injuries and your costs.

These are cases where we can help you if you need to access some of the cash you expect to ultimately collect in your settlement.

Some call it Lawsuit Funding. Some call it Litigation Funding.  Some call it a Lawsuit Cash Advance or Settlement Cash Advance.  There are any number of terms to call it or describe it but in any case, it’s your easy way to get your hands on money if you need it now.

When you contact us at Interstate Lawsuit Funding, you’re taping the source for case.  We are a direct lender, not a middleman.  We require no credit check.  The money we give you is really an advance on the money you expect to get when your case is finished.

Use the money any way you wish.  It’s yours!  Whether you need it for food, rent, a car payment or your mortgage, OR if you just want to take a vacation, fix the house or buy a new TV, it doesn’t matter.  There are no rules and you don’t even have to pay us back if your case fails to win or settle.  We take all the risk.

Take 1/2 minute and fill out our simple 30-Second Application.  Find out how much money we can send you.  Applications are answered within 1 business day and most applications are answered within minutes.

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