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Slip and Fall Injuries in Augusta GA. Qualifies for Lawsuit Funding Loans

In Augusta, Georgia hundreds of slip and fall accidents send residents of the Garden City to the emergency room each year. These all too common accidents are often times due to negligence and can be prevented. Sadly, many sustain life long injuries and are faced with months of therapy and in severe cases even multiple surgeries.lawsuit funding in Augusta GA

What are the causes of most slip and fall accidents?

The causes of slip and fall accidents vary and often times happen while people are out shopping. Grocery stores are notorious for being the cause of these types of accidents. Liquid spilled down the grocery aisle that are left unattended can be slippery and lead to serious injury. Another grocery store hazard is falling merchandise. Careless employee’s often stock heavy products on the top shelf causing it to fall and strike people in the head and send them to the ground.

 Slip and Fall and Trip and Fall Injuries Both Qualify for Cash Advance Loans

The parking lot is another place that slip and fall accidents commonly take place. A wet parking lot that hasn’t been properly marked with caution signs can cause people to slip and fall, ending up face down on the hard asphalt. Sidewalks are another hard surface that causes injuries. Thoughtless building and business owners often overlook uneven sidewalks that could cause people to trip resulting in broken bones and lacerations.

In 2014, ice storms plagued Georgia and were responsible for slip and fall injuries state wide.

What to do if a slip and fall accident happens to you

If you have been the unlucky victim of a slip and fall accident, the first thing you should do is call for help. Don’t try to get up on your own because you can further injure yourself. Once help has arrived and you have received treatment for your injury, make sure to report your injury to the manager.If you are able to take a picture of the area that caused your accident, it is important to save it for future reference.

 We Can Help You if You Already Have a Lawyer for Personal Injury Case.

The next step that is very important is to call a lawyer to discuss your case. Don’t wait around to do this because time is a factor when it comes to slip and fall cases. An attorney that specializes in personal injury is probably the best kind of lawyer to represent you.

Don’t give up on your case due to lack of money

Often times, people end up settling because they’re running out of money. This doesn’t have to happen. If you are faced with this situation, there is a company that can lend you the money you need. Interstate Lawsuit Funding is a lending company that specializes in lawsuit advance loans and litigation funding.  There’s no risk to you and no credit check required.

Our company has a great track record for offering low-cost loans, helping people get through the legal process. Loans with interest rates as low as 1.5% can help you tap into the cash you need now. Life goes on while you wait for your case to settle.  Let Interstate Lawsuit Funding help you with a quick cash infusion

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