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Advanced Lawsuit Loan For Brain Injury

Brain injuries are one of the most mysterious injuries a person can sustain.  A strike to the head can cause internal bleeding and concussions, but it is the long term effects that many doctors do not know much about; some people suffer more than others, to different degrees, and some recover much quicker, if at all.  Depending on the severity, people can suffer from concussion symptoms such as fatigue, anxiety, and vertigo, while more severe injuries can lead to permanent brain damage or death.

Brain Injuries Are Serious and Often Permanent. Get Legal Help, Then Get Your Advanced Loan Today.HeadInjuryJoncandy

In the middle of August of 2012, an incoming freshman girl identified as M.U. was playing in a preseason high school soccer game at her school, Downingtown High School East, just outside of Philadelphia.  After the collision, the coach had put her back in the game, a practice that is routine among many sports of all levels.  Coach Reed got himself into legal trouble as athletes who display concussion like symptoms are required to be taken out of the game.  M.U. and her parents are suing as well, as she is still suffering from effects of the accident, and has been unable to attend school.

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After an attorney takes your case, sometimes it takes months or even years to receive the compensation.  If you are unable to work and therefore are not providing an income, this can be a major issue.  You may need to support your family or start paying your medical bills.  This is where we can help.

Interstate Lawsuit Funding is an advanced lawsuit lending firm.  We do not run a credit check, or even check your employment history.  The main requirement is that you have an attorney.  Fill out our 30 second application today for a free consultation to see if you are eligible for an advanced loan.  We have very competitive interest rates as well.  It’s your money, you should have it now. Don’t wait any longer.

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