Lawsuit Funding in Phoenix, AZ

Get Instant Access to Your Cash in Advance of Your Settlement

Interstate Lawsuit Funding makes it easy to secure a lawsuit loan cash advance in Phoenix,lawsuit loans in AZ Arizona.  Loyalty to our clients in the region keeps our company a leader in the market of litigation funding.  The loan professionals at Interstate Lawsuit Funding are experts in providing pre-settlement loans to plaintiffs in need of a cash infusion in and around the area of Phoenix.

Residents of Phoenix who have been victim of discrimination, negligence, or wrongdoing of

lawsuit funding , AZ

In a lawsuit and expecting a cash settlement but you need cash now? Same-day decisions made on your loan.

another person could qualify for up to $5,000 in pre-settlement funding through Interstate Lawsuit Funding. The city of Phoenix recently passed an anti-discrimination law to better protect gay and lesbian residents of the city and has even extended the law to include transgender, with exemptions in place for churches and other religious organizations.  This goes to show that Phoenix is taking the necessary steps to crack down on discrimination throughout the city. The law prohibits discrimination in the workplace, public places, and housing.

Discrimination can happen to people of all races, genders, and religious backgrounds and it can happen in various places such as the workplace, school, or any public place.  Being a victim of discrimination in the city of Phoenix is grounds to file a claim.  If you have an attorney and a pending discrimination lawsuit, you could be eligible for litigation funding while your attorney fights to get you the maximum compensation for your suffering.

Interstate Lawsuit Funding Loans Money Without Risk or Credit Check

At Interstate Lawsuit Funding, we recommend all plaintiffs in Phoenix to take advantage of an immediate cash infusion at any point in the litigation process.  A cash infusion in the form of a lawsuit loan is a wise alternative to settling with the insurance companies for less than you deserve.   We believe our clients deserve financial stability during the litigation process.  Our loan professionals understand the hardships associated with a pending settlement case, and work diligently to get the necessary funding for clients across the city of Phoenix.

If you live in Phoenix, Arizona and need a lawsuit loan to help with medial bills, household bills, or everyday expenses, apply online with Interstate Lawsuit Funding today.  The application process has been made simple so that approval is quick and funding is fast in order to allow you to use your cash immediately.   There is no credit check to get started and proof of income is not necessary.  We offer non-recourse loans, which means there is no risk to our clients.   If your attorney wins your case, we get paid when your settlement finalizes.  If, for some reason, your attorney does not win your case, nothing is required to be paid back to us.  We only get paid when you get paid.  Apply online today.  Let Interstate Funding work for you.