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Plaintiffs in Dover, Delaware Qualify for Lawsuit Fundinglawsuit loans in Dover DE

Plaintiffs in Dover, Delaware qualify for litigation funding through Interstate Lawsuit Funding.  If you live in Dover and need a lawsuit loan cash advance, consider letting the loan professionals at Interstate Lawsuit Funding work to get the pre-settlement funding you need.  Our experienced lawsuit loan company works with plaintiffs throughout the city of Dover, securing the necessary funding in the form of non-recourse loans.  This means that the loan is 100% risk-free for the client.

Types of Cases We Fund:

Animal AttackAssaultAuto AccidentBicycle Accident Injuries or DeathBoatingBurn InjuryClass ActionConstructionDiscriminationDog Bite (Animal Bite)Harassment Medical MalpracticeSlip & FallWorker’s CompensationWrongful Death  and more (see Types of Cases We Fund).

In Dover, Delaware a former Kent County Sheriff was arrested on harassment and terroristic threat charges against two people.  In the first case, the former sheriff’s ex-wife claimed he had harassed her through eight different voicemails that threatened her life.  In the second case, a male victim claimed the former sheriff threatened to burn his house down.  After the former sheriff’s arrest, he was charged with three counts of stalking among other charges, according to Delaware State Police.

Harassment is grounds to file a lawsuit in the state of Delaware.  As the story above highlights, harassment includes offensive, aggressive, unwanted behaviors intended to aggravate and in most cases, belittle an individual.  Are you a victim of harassment or any other type of case we fund?  Do you live in Dover, Delaware and need an immediate decision lawsuit loan?  Interstate Lawsuit Funding can provide a quick decision cash infusion of up to $5,000 to Dover plaintiffs at the center of pending cases.   At Interstate Lawsuit Funding, we understand the difficulty of going through pending settlement cases and the life adjustments that might have to be made while in the process.


If you have been a victim of harassment or personal injury and have an attorney working your case, our professional staff will work diligently to ensure you get the pre-settlement funding you need.  First, we suggest you consider all expenses and bills associated with your case.  Next, fill out our 30-second online application.  There is no credit check to get started and proof of income is not necessary.  Since all loans offered are non-recourse, our company only gets paid back if your attorney wins your case.  Otherwise, there is no obligation to the client and no repercussion for applying.  The decision to provide litigation funding is based solely upon the merit of your case.  Once your application has been accepted and processed, you will receive a check via postal mail to use however you wish.

If you are a resident of Dover, Delaware or live in the surrounding area, take advantage of Interstate Lawsuit Funding’s quick and efficient application process.  We specialize in immediate decision pre-settlement funding for Dover plaintiffs.  Interstate Lawsuit Funding provides quick decision-making, fast funding, and notable expertise.  You can start your application here.