Jan 262016

Answers to your Lawsuit Funding Questions

Many people have never heard of lawsuit funding until they are unfortunate enough to be involved in a lawsuit.  Anyone who has filed a lawsuit and expects to receive a cash settlement is eligible for a cash advance towards that settlement.  Our company offers lawsuit cash advances to many types of lawsuits, such as malpractice, discrimination, negligence, personal injury and several others.  To find out if your lawsuit qualifies, simply give us a call.

You do have to have a lawyer before we can offer you litigation funding.  Once we review your case, an agreement will be sent to your attorney for you to review and then your money will be deposited in your account.  You don’t have to use this money for anything certain – it is yours to do with as you wish.  Pay bills, pay your attorney or take a vacation.  It does not matter to us.

Receiving a cash advance from Interstate Lawsuit Funding is a quick and easy process.

With this type of loan, you do not need good credit or any type of collateral.  All we need is information about your case and the approximate amount of cash you expect to receive.  Best of all, you do not need to worry about making payments until your settlement comes.  We don’t get any money until you do and if you don’t win your settlement, you do not pay us back.  There is no risk to you at all – our company assumes all of the risk in these lawsuit funding loans.

There isn’t even an application fee to get your lawsuit funding started.  You fill out the application and we have a short form for your attorney to fill out, too.  Our process has no tricks and no gimmicks.  We offer our services to those who need cash and don’t know where to turn.  An accident or injury can devastate a family and we want to relieve some of the pressure by helping you financially until your settlement comes.

Getting lawsuit funding truly is as simple as this.  A quick application, no credit checks and no collateral needed.  We offer our services to help people going through a tough time.  Financial worries can slow down the healing process and our company can relieve that stress so you are back to normal quicker.

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