Dec 072013

Bicycle Accident Lawsuit Claim Can Qualify for Legal Funding Loan

Lawsuit for Injuries Resulting From a Bicycle Accident

Cathi Turner died from a bicycle accident. Her husband, who filed a lawsuit against the

bike accident lawsuit

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Department of Transportation of Utah for causing the accident, would qualify for a pre-settlement cash advance.

The lawsuit claims that Cathi Turner was driving a bike along with her friend when the bike had clipped the base of a construction sign and led her to crash into a strip of rocks in the area. Turner’s husband alleged that the sign was unsecure and misplaced, causing the accident. However, the Department of Transportation claims that the contractor followed all procedures.

Staker Parson, the contractor in question, had a permit and the right to have signs on the bike lane. However, he used sandbags, which were not necessary and could have clipped the bicycle, causing it to shift into the pile of rocks. Turner is seeks an undisclosed amount for the emotional trauma and post-death expenses.

Turner’s husband may be eligible to receive a pre-cash settlement until the case is settled.

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