Mar 112015

Borrowing Money for a Lawsuit Funding Loan

The amount of money you’re qualified to receive for a lawsuit funding loan depends on a number of things.

First we need to gather information about your case. You can either call directly or fill out our simple 30 second application on our website. We’ll talk with you on the telephone to learn more about you in your case. We will also need to discuss your case with your lawyer. We need to try to find out how much you expect to win in your settlement or you’re court case.

We typically lend plaintiffs in personal injury cases between $500 and $5,000 but sometimes more.

We don’t want you to over-borrow and it’s best not to have to come back and borrow more. There’s no way to know for sure if your case will settle out of court and for the exact amount you will be awarded in the end, so we do our best to understand the entire scenario. It’s important to give you the right amount. That’s why it’s necessary to gather as much information as possible.
Some cases come to us which have already settled, however the money has not yet been dispersed. In these cases, the borrower just need a small amount of money to get you through the next couple of weeks or month. Some cases are for big lawsuits. They take long to process and are for much larger sums. In those cases the plaintiff may be out of work for a while and can’t return to the workforce for quite some time. In that case the need for a larger loan to get one through the difficult time is required.
We sometimes hear from people who have already borrowed money from another lawsuit funding lender. They have used up all the money any need another loan. This is not unusual. If you have already taken a lawsuit loan we still welcome you to apply for a second loan from us.

If you have been injured, have a lawyer and are in pursuit of a lawsuit, we have the money you can tap into in advance of your settlement.  It starts with a simple phone call or by filling out our 30-second online application.

It doesn’t cost you anything to apply. We require no credit check and no collateral so you have no nothing to lose. There’s no risk it all.

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