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Broken Bone Injury

If an individual is injured due to someone else’s actions, certain circumstances have to be taken into account before a legal claim can be filed. Broken bones are one of the most common forms of personal injury. These injuries can be minor fractures or life altering. How can you identify such injuries?

How to identify broken bones?

Broken bones can occur from being struck by someone or another object, and even slip and falls. Some broken are obvious, such as compound fractures, where the bone is protruding from the skin; simple fractures, however, are sometime hard to detect, as they are not as obvious. This does not mean that simple fractures cannot be very serious injuries.

Fractures can often be mistake for mild sprains. For instance, a hairline fracture on you ankle could feel like a sprain. However, a sprain often usually has a lot of swelling and is more painful than a broken bone. If there is mild swelling and slight, but persistent pain in the injured area, it is most likely a broken bone.

How to care for broken bones?

No matter how the broken bone took place, there are few steps that have to be taken to make the bone heals properly. If the fracture is serious and the individual is in a lot of pain, then medical attention is needed as soon as possible. Most doctors would require an x-ray and a few other tests to determine the severity of the injury. Once the severity is identified, the injured area is put in a cast so the bone can properly set in place and heal at it’s own pace. Minor injuries can heal in a few weeks while severe injuries could take months to heal properly.

Consulting an attorney for the injury

If the injury is result of someone’s negligence or purposeful actions, an attorney could be sought to make a personal injury claim. This has to be done as soon as possible since the law is put in place a certain time period in which the claim has to be made, or the other individual will not be held responsible for the injury.

The attorney will analyze you case to make sure it is a proper claim and will advise on how to move forward. The first consultation for all personal injuries is free so it is best to approach an attorney and seek some assistance.

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