Dec 032013

Car Accidents Qualify for Lawsuit Loan

Car Accident Lawsuit Claim Can Qualify for Legal Funding Loan

Here’s an example of a case where the plaintiff would likely qualify for lawsuit funding.

car crash loan

Have you been injured in a car crash? You’re eligible for a cash loan in advance of your settlement. Click the picture to fill out a 30-Second Application.

Two individuals, Rosa Lopez and Victoria Galvan, who filed a suit in Jefferson, Texas, against Lillie Henderson in a negligence case would qualify for a pre-settlement cash advance.

In this case, Lopez, a friend of Galvan, a minor, were in a car crash with Henderson. Lopez and Galvan sustained multiple injuries in the crash. Lopez has alleged that Henderson was driving inattentively through an intersection, leading to the accident.

Lopez holds Henderson responsible for the accident as he was going too fast to stop at the intersection and thus was negligent. Now, she would like Henderson to pay for the hospital bills of both Lopez and Galvan. The expected amount for damages is between $100,000 to $200,000.

Lopez and Galvan could both be eligible to receive a lawsuit loan prior to settlement.

For individuals with a lawsuit who need cash now, a pre-settlement cash advance is available in the form of a no-risk, no-credit check lawsuit loan. Interstate Lawsuit Funding is able to help individuals like Joan while the lawsuit is settled. Such a loan provides a unique to tap into a portion of the final settlement amount.  This money can be used for whatever the plaintiff desires.

Interstate Lawsuit Funding can provide loans up to $5,000 based solely on the merits of the case.

Any kind of accident or personal injury, you could qualify for a pre-settlement cash advance. Please use the simple 30-second application on our Home page to apply. If your case qualifies, we would be able to send you a check within 24-48 hours for the money you require.

The money we send you is for you to keep. Use it for anything you need.  We will be paid back through the settlement amount. If your case does not win in court, you will have no personal liability to pay off the loan on your own. Your personal valuables and your credit history are not at risk with Interstate Lawsuit Funding.

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