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Nov 282013

Looking for a Lawsuit Loan in Philadelphia?

If you have been injured, harassed, victimized by discrimination, or wrongful termination and you have a pending case and an attorney, you probably qualify for a Lawsuit Loan.

Plaintiffs are often qualified for an instant cash advance with no credit check, no risk and no

personal injury case, Philadelphia

Now you can access a portion of the money you have coming to you in your case. No risk. No credit check

collateral.  Here’s how it works:

If you already have an attorney, just fill out our simple 30-Second Application on the Home page of our website.  You don’t need good credit.  We don’t even CHECK your credit.  The decision to send you money and the amount you can get are determined by the size and strength of your case.

We don’t get paid unless YOU get paid.  That’s right. You get a pre-settlement cash advance without any risk and if you lose your case or fail to settle, you keep all the money.

It’s not unusual for insurance company lawyers to drag your case out for a long, long time.  But you can tap into some of that money right now.  In as little as 24 hours, our loan department can send you a lawsuit funding loan certified check.

Use the money for whatever you want.  If you’re unable to work because of your injury, you probably have bills to pay.  Even if you’re not in financial trouble, a legal loan can come in handy to buy yourself a vacation.  There are no rules on how you can use you lawsuit cash advance.

If you’re in Philadelphia, Bucks County, Montgomery County, Delaware County or any of the suburbs in the greater Philadelphia region or the entire Delaware Valley, the lawsuit loan professionals at Interstate Lawsuit Funding can act quickly.

We will contact your lawyer to review your case.  We’re able to reach a decision to fund your case in just a few minutes.  Then, we’ll let you know how much we can send you. Confirm this with your lawyer, have him sign the necessary documents and we’ll rush you out a certified check.

Lawsuit funding is a practical solution for anyone in Philadelphia and surrounding area who wants to put a portion of the settlement to use in advance of the end of your case.

Sep 092013

Cash Advance Available for Concussion Lawsuits

Concussion lawsuits can be a tough battle.

Lawsuit funding companies

Get a Pre-Settlement Cash Advance for your personal injury case.

The National Football League is being sued by at least 10 Hall of Fame members who had suffered concussions on the field.  The players believe neurological conditions they now live with are a consequence of the league hiding evidence risks they knew about for decades.

A proposed settlement between the players is being reviewed in Philadelphia by a US District Court judge.

As an average citizen you probably don’t have the big bucks needed to go up against powerhouse companies and wait indefinitely for your case to settle.  While you’re not working, life’s expenses can pile up causing you worry, damaging your credit rating, or maybe even denying you of every day necessities for yourself and your family.

A pre-settlement cash advance against a portion of the money you expect to win in your case can become a reality.

You can get $500, $1000 even $5000 or more and you don’t even need to fill out a credit application.  In fact, there’s no credit check at all for a lawsuit cash advance from Interstate Lawsuit Funding.  All you need to do is fill out a simple 30-Second Application to get the process started.

Aug 082013

Presettlement Funding, A Resource For Plaintiffs

It’s not exactly new, but pre-settlement funding is weaving its way into the public consciousness as a resource for plaintiffs in the throes of litigation and in need of cash. Immediate access to settlement or compensation funds is possible through a third party.

Interstate Lawsuit Funding is not a banker and not a lawyer but rather an investor in the outcome of your case.

Should litigation prove unsuccessful, the plaintiff pays nothing back. We assume all the risk. We take the hit if the case is lost.

For plaintiffs struggling with money or health issues resulting from a personal injury,  job loss or inability to work are often strapped for cash.  Clogged courts and the slowness of the legal system can take years – time many plaintiffs simply don’t have.

Interstate Lawsuit Funding is the answer many people turn to for cash in advance while they’re waiting for their settlement or for their day in court.

A cash advance against your upcoming settlement is risk-free and your personal credit history is irrelevant.  The decision to fund you is based on the merits of your case.  All you need to to is fill out a simple online application on our website or give us a call.


Aug 022013

How The Lawsuit Funding Process Works

Law Suit Funding Procedure

Law suit funding is very important as you await settlement for a law suit. Most insurance companies will endeavor to delay any kind of settlement in a bid to make you settle for less due to increasing money demands. It is important that you do not settle for less but instead play the waiting game with the insurance company. If you do not have any funds available for any expenses that you may be incurring as a result of your accident, or even for just the normal everyday expenses, then your best bet is to settle for law suit funding. With the added advantages this type of funding offers, you can achieve a lot more as you deal with your financial difficulties. There are certain procedures that need to be followed when applying for law suit funding and they include:

  1. Interview with Attorney

First and foremost the law suit funding company has to initiate contact with the attorney handling your case so as to review the case and look at the facts. This will help establish the strength of your case and help the law suit funding company decide how much funding is appropriate for your case. This is also to ensure that the attorney handling your case is working on a contingency fee agreement, meaning that he or she only gets paid if you win the case.

  1. Collection of Client Information

Next, the law suit funding company will collect copies of all the information the attorney has on the plaintiff as related to the case. This can be provided by anyone at the attorney’s firm. This information helps generate a file for purposes of the funding agreement.

  1. Offer Approval

Depending on the strength of the case, the law suit funding company will make an offer to either the client or attorney handling the case, depending on what was agreed. At this point, the client or attorney determines whether the funding is appropriate and if the agreement is acceptable. It is important to note that the funding offered does not go towards paying the attorney but rather to deal with whatever financial obligations the client may have as a result of the accident or injury.

  1. Offer Acceptance

The client is expected to review the offer with their attorney and make a decision as to whether to accept the offer or to reject it. If the offer is accepted, a funding agreement is then forwarded to the attorney’s firm where it will be reviewed to establish that everything is as agreed. The client is then expected to sign the agreement, which is acknowledged by the attorney and the agreement sent back to the law suit funding company.

  1. Payment

Once the funding agreement has been completed and received by the funding company, payment is immediately effected through a check or wire transfer.

Once this is complete, all that remains is for the attorney to provide periodic updates as regards the case and to make payment to the law suit funding company once the settlement is effected.

For more information about the benefits of lawsuit funding, click the link below or copy and paste it into your web browser:

Jul 292013

The Advantages of Lawsuit Funding

Lawsuit funding, otherwise known as legal funding or settlement funding

as the names suggest, issues cash in advance which helps to reduce the financial pressure you can expect while awaiting settlement for a case in court. This type of funding mostly deals with accidents or wrongful deaths where the plaintiff was clearly not on the wrong and there is a high possibility of settlement. One thing you need to know is that lawsuit funding isn’t for everyone. If you have the capability to wait out your case until the outcome is heard then you are better of waiting for the settlement. If you are experiencing extreme financial pressure or maybe the accident may have made you unable to carry out your daily work duties and therefore cannot receive any income, then you are the right candidate for lawsuit funding. There are a number of benefits that come with lawsuit funding and these include:

Leveling the Playing Field – In the event that you are going head on into battle with a big company or an individual who is well off, you can expect them to have hired the best possible legal team money can buy. Instead of settling for a legal aid representative who will do a mediocre job, you are better off getting lawsuit funding so as to get qualified representation that will get you the compensation you deserve. In this aspect, legal funding may be your best option.

Lawsuit funding will provide you with cash.

This can keep you going while you await settlement. There may be some bills that you may incur like the down payment for the lawyer or other such like bills that require some money. With lawsuit funding, you are ensured continuity in everything as you await settlement.

Ease Stress – Lawsuit funding will definitely reduce the stress you may be undergoing. It can help ease stress for you and your family because of the anxiety caused by the accident which was not anticipated. You can use these funds to take your family somewhere to take their minds off whatever may be happening.

No Settlement No Pay – A great advantage of lawsuit funding is that if you do not win the case or if you do not receive compensation then you are entitled to keep the money you had received from the lawsuit funding without having to make payment to the funding company. This means that you only pay back the company in the event that you win the lawsuit and are compensated or you settle out of court. This makes it a win win situation for the plaintiff.

Most lawsuit funding companies will offer lawsuit funding of between 10% and 15%. This means that after you have settled with the funding company and the lawyer, you will still retain a substantial amount of the settlement fee.

Lawsuit funding is definitely the way to go for those without money or with nothing to support them during the period of the ongoing law suit. If you already have some money set aside for emergencies such as an accident then you might want to avoid lawsuit funding.

Inquire about a Lawsuit settlement advance by filling out our 30-Second Application.  It’s simple to find out how much money we can send you!

Interstate Lawsuit Funding funds plaintiffs in 46 states plus Washington, DC.

Jul 272013

Qualifying for Lawsuit Funding

Do You Quality For Lawsuit Funding?

Legal funding has often been confused with a loan, though this is not the case. Legal funding is a fairly new concept having been introduced around 1997 with few people having grasped the concept to this day. Many people who are not aware of litigation funding (as it is otherwise known) still turn to personal loans and credit cards in a bid to cover their legal costs or their personal expenses as they await their matter to be resolved in court. The major difference between lawsuit funding and a loan is that you do not have to repay your legal financing aid if you are not awarded the settlement. There are a number of requirements that come into play for one to qualify for legal funding and these include:

First and foremost you need to have hired the services of an attorney. The attorney needs to be hired on a contingency fee agreement basis meaning that he or she does not get paid unless the plaintiff wins the settlement.

Another requirement for legal funding is that the plaintiff must have suffered a personal injury from an accident where the defendant’s negligence comes into play or the plaintiff needs to have suffered a civil rights violation at work.

The case also needs to be fairly strong meaning that the plaintiff or litigant is not at fault. As regards the defendant, be it a company or an individual, they must have the ability to pay the settlement. Most cases deal with the defendant’s insurance company giving the plaintiff a higher chance of qualifying for legal funding.

The attorney representing the plaintiff needs to agree to the legal funding transaction and this can be done by the attorney signing a legal financing agreement. The legal financing agreement means that your attorney agrees to the funding arrangement and agrees to make payment to the legal funding company after the settlement is made. As a plaintiff, it is wise to be wary of those legal funding companies that do not require your attorney to sign any form of agreement. The best course of action in this case is to have your attorney look at the agreement anyway to ensure that there are no hidden clauses.

The amount to be approved by the legal funding company is solely dependent on the damages sought and the amount that can be financed by the company varies from company to company though most trends indicate that most companies offer between 10% and 15% of the compensation sought.

Find out how much you qualify for. Fill out the 30-Second Application.

The advantages that legal funding offer have seen many more people turning to legal funding as this brings about a level playing field if one is going up against a large corporation or against an individual with deeper pockets than they themselves have. The fact that most of these lawsuits tend to drag on for long periods of time means that one is better off considering legal funding when going up against a more powerful opponent.

Jul 192013

Lawsuit Funding In Alaska

There’s good news for residents of Alaska who are involved in a personal injury case or other type of lawsuit where a cash settlement is involved.  You can get a lawsuit cash advance instead of waiting for your settlement or for your day in court.

Many times, injury prevents you from working but life goes on.  You have bills to pay. Now, you can tap into a portion of that money so you can take care of your your day-to-day needs and monthly obligations .

There’s no credit check.  All you do is fill out the 30-second application on our website to get this process started.  

Find out how much money you can get!

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