Aug 082013

Presettlement Funding, A Resource For Plaintiffs

It’s not exactly new, but pre-settlement funding is weaving its way into the public consciousness as a resource for plaintiffs in the throes of litigation and in need of cash. Immediate access to settlement or compensation funds is possible through a third party.

Interstate Lawsuit Funding is not a banker and not a lawyer but rather an investor in the outcome of your case.

Should litigation prove unsuccessful, the plaintiff pays nothing back. We assume all the risk. We take the hit if the case is lost.

For plaintiffs struggling with money or health issues resulting from a personal injury,  job loss or inability to work are often strapped for cash.  Clogged courts and the slowness of the legal system can take years – time many plaintiffs simply don’t have.

Interstate Lawsuit Funding is the answer many people turn to for cash in advance while they’re waiting for their settlement or for their day in court.

A cash advance against your upcoming settlement is risk-free and your personal credit history is irrelevant.  The decision to fund you is based on the merits of your case.  All you need to to is fill out a simple online application on our website or give us a call.


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