Dec 212013

Construction Lawsuit Claim Can Qualify for Legal Funding Loan

If You’ve Been Injured Accidents on a Construction Site, You Have a Case.

Contractors try to take care to have work areas properly marked for public safety.

construction injury settlement loan

If you’ve been injured on a construction site and you have a case, click the picture above to apply for a no-risk lawsuit loan

Barriers, signs, ropes and caution tape are sometimes not enough.

In the event a pedestrian or passer by is injured due to debris on the ground, debris falling from above, tools, or otherwise hurt by failure to keep the work site safe, it could mean a lawsuit.

A lawsuit pursuant to a personal injury is usually qualified (in most states) for a pre-settlement cash advance.  This means the plaintiff, can actually get a portion of his or her anticipated settlement in the form of a special Lawsuit Funding Loan.

Lawsuit funding is unique because there’s no credit check required.  The loan approval and the amount of the loan are based upon the case.  What’s more, the plaintiff is not personally responsible for the repayment of the loan.

Here’s how it works: You fill out our simple 30-Second Application.  We will contact you to get some details about your case and the amount of money you would like to get in your lawsuit cash advance.  Then, we’ll contact your lawyer to discuss your case.

Your lawyer will confirm with you that you’re seeking a loan against the settlement and then we’ll send the agreement.  This agreement is between your lawyer and Interstate Lawsuit Funding.  The lawyer is making an agreement with us to pay us when your case is settled.  We will never ask YOU for the money.  Even in the event your case loses or fails to settle successfully, you are not personally responsible to pay back the loan.

It Interstate Lawsuit Funding, we understand life goes on while you wait for your case to settle.  We can make a quick decision and send your money the same day we approve your loan.

You may use your lawsuit loan money for anything you wish.  Whether it’s for paying bills buying yourself a new TV or even to take a much-deserved vacation.  It’s YOUR money.

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