Oct 202015

Get Funding for your Lawsuit Fast

If you have filed a lawsuit, it can seem like your suit will never be settled.

Time never flies when you’re waiting for your case to settle.

Insurance companies can drag cases on for months and meanwhile, your life goes on.  You have bills that need to be paid and perhaps medical bills that are a result of an accident that wasn’t your fault.  You need help financially.

Fast Cash for a Pre-Settlement Advance for Your Case

When you need money quickly, we are the place to call.  Interstate Lawsuit Funding makes all of our decisions right here in our office so you will have an answer in just a few days.  To get started today, go to our 30-Second online application and fill in your information.  The form only takes a minute to fill out and asks for basic information about you and your lawsuit.

Apply for Litigation Funding by Phone

We’re real people and answer the phone! If you prefer to ask us

lawsuit cash advance

Tired of waiting for your suit to settle. Get a cash advance. No-risk,, low rates. Click here to apply

any questions, feel free to pick up the phone and call 954-946-0487

After we receive your application, one of our people will call you within one business day.  We will ask a few more questions about your lawsuit and make our decision based on that.  Don’t worry about your credit score because we won’t ask.  We also never ask about any assets you may have that could be used as collateral.  Your lawsuit cash advance is completely based on the information you and your attorney provide about your settlement.

We provide our services so quickly because we understand that you wouldn’t be reaching out for help unless you were in dire circumstances.  No one likes asking for help and our customer service people are compassionate listeners.  None of this financial situation is your fault, but it can still be hard to ask for help.

It doesn’t matter whether your lawsuit has just been filed or if it is in the final stages.  When you need money, we can help with lawsuit funding.  Let your lawyer fight the insurance companies and we’ll get you the money you need to pay bills and take care of your family while you wait.

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